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Why The Faried-Shumpert Trade Makes So Much Sense

USA Today Sports

USA Today Sports

The Faried-Shumpert rumor has floated back up to the surface of NBA trade rumors, and I wanted to take the opportunity to pen an open letter to both franchises about this trade.

Here goes.


Okay, New York, you’re a great city. The Super Bowl was handled well, no one in the boroughs really cared, and now it’s time to pay attention to the basketball team in the Garden.

But you’re as messy as the Lincoln Tunnel on a Wednesday evening.

The Knicks are going to have Bargnani, Stoudemire, Chandler and Anthony taking up all your cap space. That’s four players in the frontcourt – two of them are getting old, one can’t rebound, and the other is a chucker. You know who would look great grabbing all those offensive rebounds that Bargnani can’t get to? That’s right – Kenneth Faried.

Let Mike Woodson figure out rotations – but you could play Faried next to Bargnani and at least be decent on offense. Just cover the eyes of the women and children when the team is on defense, but that’s not important. Gotta score points to win games, right? It doesn’t hurt that Tim Hardaway Jr. has looked good in the minutes he’s been given – just slide him into the starting lineup, keep bringing J.R. Smith off the bench, and things will continue to go along just fine.

It’s time to finally lay all the blame on Shumpert, and drive him out of the city — not because the struggles are his fault, but because someone has to go, and it isn’t going to be Mike Woodson. Shumpert can blossom somewhere else, or he can wilt away from the comforts of Madison Square Garden. Kenneth Faried is a fun player to watch, and he’s a local kid, growing up in Newark, New Jersey.


Look, Denver, you’re getting ugly. Things aren’t rainbows and butterflies anymore. Stop lighting up, peek out from behind the shades, and take an honest look at the Nuggets. They have five players – JaVale McGee, Danilo Gallinari, and Nate Robinson – who are out for the season and two point guards – Ty Lawson and Andre Miller – who can’t play right now. Jordan Hamilton – AHHH – is getting minutes at the point. You need help. Badly.

While Kenneth Faried is an incredible player, you have to let go. His ascent helped move Nene out of Denver, his highlight reel dunks put fans in the seats, and the Manimal made the Pepsi Center his cave. But you need a guard, and Faried isn’t a good fit for Brian Shaw‘s system.

I’m a believer in players with strong work ethics being able to improve, and I think Faried could eventually be a valuable cog in the Shaw-led Nuggets machine. That time isn’t now however, and Faried is a valued piece in the NBA because he is an aggressive rebounder on a cheap rookie contract.

We know what Kenneth Faried is — what the Denver coaching staff doesn’t know is what Iman Shumpert is. What is Shumpert’s ceiling?

Shumpert gives the Nuggets a player who can handle the ball (at least better than Jordan Hamilton) and could be a defensive stopper for the Nuggets. Take a peek at the guards that Denver has to go against in the Western Conference (starred for within division):

Those are great point guards! Someone needs to defend them – and Shumpert, at 6-5, 220 pounds has the length and athleticism to help combat those guards and keep them out of the lane.

I believe that the NBA is gearing towards guards, where elite backcourts will be able to power their teams to wins. While Shumpert may not be a 15 points, 6 assists guy on a nightly basis, look at Indiana and George Hill is averaging 11 points, 3 assists and 3 boards per game while the Pacers blitz the league with a stifling defense. Shumpert could be a George Hill-type player under Shaw’s tutelage.

A Lawson-Shumpert-Chandler-Gallinari-McGee lineup next season isn’t a bad lineup to have, and while they may not start games, they could close games and have spacing, penetrating, defense and athleticism in spades. While I’m in a giving mood, Denver, I’m not encouraging you to tank, I’m just going to say that Aaron Gordon would look FINE in blue and yellow next season, and he could be the kind of player that makes you completely forget about that one guy who used to wear No. 35.


It’s a good trade, folks. Some rumors are silly, and that’s okay. But this rumor?

I’m setting up text alerts for Adrian Wojnarowski tweets so I don’t miss the news of the trade.

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