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Who Are The Most Stat-Sheet-Stuffing Players In The NBA?

US Presswire

US Presswire

It’s easy enough to head over to Basketball-Reference and check up on who is leading the NBA in things like points, assists, and blocks. But who excels in the most of these different categories? In other words, which players stuff box scores the most?

It turns out there’s a pretty easy way to calculate that. I stumbled across this old John Hollinger article, in which he explains his “Versatility Index” and I decided to try the method out on last season’s players. I made a slight adjustment, taking into account steals and blocks. In addition, I’ve used per 36 minute stats in my equation. The results:

The top is an odd mix of athletic phenomena and centers who rack up blocks and assists. There’s also Andray Blatche. Players like LeBron James, Josh Smith, and Eric Bledsoe who usually lead the “most stat-stuffing” argument are confirmed as grand-masters of versatility, but an oft-mentioned stat stuffer dominates here: Tim Duncan.  The numbers the 37-year old Duncan posted this season are incredible, especially on a per 36 minute scale, where his stats are almost identical to what he did in the early 2000s.

The bottom is mostly made up of one dimensional three point shooters like J.J. Redick, Kevin Martin, and Steve Novak. Big men dominate in this stat because of how much easier it is to get rebounds than assists.

Versatility Index isn’t meaningful at all when it comes to winning, but is an interesting confirmation or denial to what we see in box scores on a daily basis.

  • nbacouchside

    Heck yes, Joakim Noah.

  • Bobby Karalla

    One of the only lists you’ll find where Spencer Hawes is ranked ahead of Dirk and Kobe. Love it.

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