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When Bloggers Become Writers


When computers sleep, what do they dream about?

Often I wonder what talented bloggers like Matt Moore, Zach Harper or Seth Rosenthal do when they’re sleeping? Do they schedule tweets so it appears like they never rest? Is there some sort of secret cabal, collaborating to make sure there is always great content available?

This much I do know – when bloggers get together to work on a project, something they are passionate about, good things happen.

In this case, the good thing that happened is a book, written by Jim Cavan, Mike Kurylo, Seth Rosenthal and Robert Silverman, and a collection of other talented writers. The book is titled, “We’ll Always Have Linsanity,” and is a compilation of stories about 2011-2012, one of the strangest seasons in Knicks history – which is saying something when talking about a team owned by James Dolan. These writers are passionate Knicks fans, and have the talent to express themselves creatively, accurately, and be engaging throughout. The book is no different than the posts thousands have become familiar with, just longer. And better. It also features some breathtaking art from Norman Hathaway.


If this brief description is enough to pique your interest, the digital version of the book is available for purchase, starting today. If you’re a Knicks fan, a J.R. Smith fan, a Steve Novak fan, a Tyson Chandler fan, or a Carmelo Anthony (woe to his XPPS) fan, you owe it to yourself to click the link and indulge yourself in something other than chocolate or March Madness basketball.

Hickory-High will eventually have a full-length review of the book from our resident Knicks fan, David Vertsberger, but he’s on vacation right now (who does that, in this economy?) so it will be a few weeks. I know that it, like the rest of Verts writing, will be stellar, just like the book. Be sure to check back before the end of the basketball season for that review.

Now go and enjoy whatever round March Madness is in or watch some James Harden highlights.

  • Daniel Lewis

    Ah, James Harden … love that guy

  • David Vertsberger

    Thanks for the kind words Dan, I was actually planning on reading the book on vacation, but it’s yet to ship out to me.

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