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Welcome to Boogie Week

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USA Today Sports

Last season, around this time, Hickory-High spent an entire week exploring the intricacies of James Harden. It turned out to be one of the most fun things we did all year, digging much deeper into all the facets of a single player then we ever could in a single article. It also gave us the opportunity to pull in friends and colleagues for guest posts, sharing multiple voices and experimenting with new types of content. To make a long story short, we had so much fun that we’re bringing the project back again this year, focusing on the one and only, DeMarcus Cousins.

We settled on Cousins for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that he is a player who’s game, personality and place in the NBA culture could support a full week of multimedia exploration. He is also a player who has repeatedly and thoroughly been victimized by a reductive media narrative (at least partially of his own making). We hope that the articles, videos, poems and art we have prepared for you will offer a new perspective on Cousins, one of both depth and breadth, that extends and stretches far beyond the “incredible hulk/man at war with his own emotions” characterization he has been wrestling with since becoming a national basketball entity.

Not everything we have to say about Cousins is positive, but have strived to make sure our critiques are well-founded and presented as part of an integrated evaluation of him as a basketball player and human being. That being said, we are here to celebrate him, warts and all. We love and appreciate Cousins, just as we can be frustrated and exasperated by him. We mean to share it all. Not everything we have to say about Cousins is serious either, ultimately we’re here to have fun and we hope you’ll join us.

Like last season’s Harden Week project, we have all sorts of material prepared by all sorts of people. Our regular Hickory-High contributors will be featured heavily, but we also have brought some friends along with us. First to thank is J.O. Applegate for our fantastic Boogie Week banner:

boogie week title 960

He is a first class gentleman, preparing this for us on short notice and for the most basic of compensation – gratitude. You can help close the circle by checking out more of J.O.’s art work at his website ( or sending him a thank you on Twitter, @Bouncex3.

We’ll be rolling out our Cousins content throughout the rest of today, and the days that follow. Things will be splashed all over the homepage, but you can find everything at the Boogie Week Archive Page, or follow along on Twitter with the hashtag, #BoogieWeek. There will be some opportunities later in the week for you, our readers, to get involved but you can always share your thoughts in the comments, or let us know what we’ve missed on Twitter, @HickoryHigh.

Welcome to Boogie Week.


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