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US Presswire

For this week’s study I took a look at how often (and by how much) winning teams lost individual quarters. For the 52 games played this week, the victorious team lost an average of 1.2 quarters per game. This indicates that more winning teams lost at least two quarters than winning teams that won/tied every quarter. In quarters in which the eventual winner was outscored, they were outscored by an average of 4.97 points. This result surprised me a bit, as the average NBA team scores 94.1 points per game or roughly 23.5 points per quarter. In other words, being outscored by five points in a quarter means being outscored by 21.3% for those 12 minutes, a number higher than I would have guessed as the mean.

** Got a stat you wanted studied? Maybe it affects the winner? Maybe it is a trend for a certain team/conference? It could be anything, anything at all. Tweet me @unSOPable23 with ideas and I’ll respond to make sure you get the exact study you’re looking for. **


- Since entering the NBA in 2009, DeMar DeRozan has been heavily involved in the Raptors offense. However, the team’s success rate hasn’t changed a bit when DD has a good night scoring the basketball. Toronto has a .548 winning percentage when he scores at least 20 points and a .545 winning percentage in games he fails to reach the 20 point plateau.

- The Pistons traveled to Philadelphia tonight but they left their jump shots at home. Just three of their nine active players shot at least 50% from the field (seven of nine 76ers did so) in the seven point loss. To make matters worse, the home team had more players shoot over 50% from the field (3) than the visitors had shoot over 50% from the free throw line (2).

- The upstart Warriors improved to 7-3 in games in which David Lee scores at least 20 points. In those 10 games Lee is shooting 60.8% from the field (53.7% career shooter) and 82.7% from the stripe (77.8% career shooter).

Josh Smith gave the Heat all kinds of problems as he poured in a team high 22 points. The production isn’t surprising, but how he went about it was rather rare. Smith nailed four three pointers, only the second time in his last seven seasons in which at least half of his points (minimum of six points scored) have been scored from long distance. Oddly enough, both occurrences have happened against the Heat.

- The Spurs dynamic duo of Tony Parker and Tim Duncan has done just about everything there is to do over their 9+ seasons together, that is, until tonight’s overtime victory over the Rockets. Much was made about Parker’s first career triple double (27 points, 12 assists, and 12 rebounds) in 978 career games, but something even rarer occurred in Houston on this night. Duncan made only one field goal yet pulled down 13 rebounds, his highest rebound to FGM ratio of his 1,322 game career. Crunch the numbers and the odds of both those events happening on the same night are 0.0000773%.


- Much has been made about the Lakers being 1-10 when Kobe Bryant scores at least 30 points this season, but they have also lost their last three games in which Dwight Howard racks up at least 15 boards. It had been almost two years to the day and 101 games since his team had lost three straight 15+ rebound contests.

- The Knicks recorded their first win in Brooklyn tonight, despite being outscored by 28 points in the paint. The other four winning teams combined were +16 in the paint.

Ty Lawson and Brandon Knight both carried their teams in an entertaining Nuggets/Pistons battle. In fact, both PG’s not only led their team in scoring they also led in FGA, FGM, and AST. According to last week’s study, point guards lead their team in scoring roughly 17% of the time, making the odds of both teams in a given game being led by their PG 2.9%.

- In only his seventh career game, and his first since being sidelined due to injury, Anthony Davis recorded his second game in which his BLK + STL total was at least five. Teammate Ryan Anderson, who is also a 6’10” power forward, has registered just two such games in his 274 career games.

- The Bulls streak of five straight wins when Marco Bellineli connects on multiple three pointers was snapped by the Clipper tonight. Speaking of Bellineli, did you know that he has played 166 minutes over his last four games, while Chris Paul and the emerging Eric Bledsoe have totaled 192 minutes over that same span?


- The Cavaliers welcomed Kyrie Irving back to the fold last night in an upset (?) victory over the Lakers, but his second night back was one to forget. In a loss to the Pacers, who are as average as it comes in transition scoring (ranked 15th in the league last year and thus far this year), Cleveland was dominated on the break. Indiana scored more points on the run out than the Cavs managed to score in the second half (24-23) period.

- The Hawks beat the Magic in a low scoring affair, but that is nothing new. In two wins over Orlando this season, Atlanta is averaging 83.5 points, and in their other 11 victories they are averaging 100.5 points.

- The Golden State Warriors beat the Miami Heat, and all five players who scored at least 20 points shot at least 50% from the field in this game. All 12 players who scored less than 10 points shot less than 50%. Sometimes less isn’t always more.

- Paul Milsap went for 24 points and 12 rebounds in a win against the Spurs tonight. He is averaging 10.9 rebounds in his last seven games against San Antonio after averaging only 3.4 rebounds in his first 17 against the Spurs.

- Since November 28th, the game in which he was suspended, Rajon Rondo is shooting better from 16-23 feet (70.6%) than he is “at the rim” (68.4%)


- Winning teams tonight (Atlanta, New York, Portland) won the first half by 40 points and played the second half exactly even.

Raymond Felton jacked up 26 more shots against the Lakers, the second time in four games in which he has attempted at least 26 shots. Those are the only two games in his career with more than 25 shots and two of his top three games in terms of field goal attempts have come against the Lakers. He ranks second in the NBA in FGA over the last 14 days (8 games) with 152, trailing only Kobe Bryant … by 38!

- The Bobcats started only one “true” guard against the Hawks in Kemba Walker, yet guards managed to score 58.9% of Charlotte’s points even though they only played 42.1% of the minutes in this game.

- The Knicks/Lakers game lived up to the hype early, with Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant going back and forth for the first 12 minutes. New York poured in 41 first quarter points (22 courtesy of Melo), the highest scoring quarter in the league tonight. The Lakers, however, had three of the next four highest scoring quarters.

- The Trailblazers beat the Spurs, but I’m not buying their blueprint. Portland shot 25.9% from distance, had a lower field goal percentage, and attempted six fewer free throws than the Spurs made. How’d they win? They took 16 more shots from the field than San Antonio.


- Who do you think tied Rajon Rondo for the most points + rebounds + assists in the Celtics/Rockets game?

- Both teams in the Thunder/Kings game eclipsed the century mark thanks in large part to their guard play. The Kings got 63.1% of their points from point guards (as listed by ESPN) while the Thunder were paced by their shooting guards, who combined for 31.0% of their points. The odd part in this game was that only half of each backcourt was doing the scoring. The Kings didn’t play a single player with the SG designation while 15.0% of the Thunder’s total points came from their PG’s.

- The Philadelphia 76ers are finding ways to get Spencer Hawes more minutes, something that seemed like a good idea before their last two games. They have lost the last two games in which Hawes (8.2 ppg) has gone over his scoring average after winning the first six instances.

Anderson Varejao nearly had as many offensive rebounds (6) as points scored (8) on his way to an impressive 18 rebound performance against the Bucks. That many more rebounds than points scored may seem odd, but Varejao actually averages more rebounds than points every day of the week besides Tuesday’s.

- Paint dominance is one thing, and then there is what the Denver Nuggets did to the Memphis Grizzles tonight. Denver scored 50.5% of their points in the painted area, allowing them to offset being dominated in every other major statistical area. Memphis outscored Denver from distance, out rebounded them, and had more assists and fewer turnovers. For heaven’s sake, they took 25 more shots than the Nuggets!

Chandler Parsons out did all stars Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, James Harden, and Jeremy Lin when it comes to total PAR in last night’s Boston/Houston game.


- I touched last week in the Wednesday section on the fact that the Warriors seem to do better when Steph Curry is an elite distributor (10+ assists) as opposed to an elite scorer (20+ points). However, maybe they should consider sending the fragile PG to the glass more often, as they have now won five in a row (and nine of their last 10) in games in which Curry snares at least seven rebounds.

Tyson Chandler missed more free throws than field goals, something he does nearly as often (63.6%) as Dwight Howard (65%) in games he takes at least five free throws.

Ricky Rubio returned from last season’s devastating ACL tear tonight and handed out nine assist in 18 minutes off of the bench. The Timberwolves assist to turnover ratio was 1.75 against Dallas, a vast improvement from their 1.38 clip in the season’s first 20 games. The Mavs are not recognized as a stout defensive unit, but they have been difficult to rack up good assist numbers against. Despite giving up the third most points per game in the league (101.6), they rank 15th in assists surrendered per game (21.7).

- The Clippers blew out the Bucks 111-85 in Milwaukee, a rare occasion considering the Bucks were +27 points at home this season. The domination can be traced back to teamwork, as the Clippers assisted on three more baskets than the Bucks scored. When all was said and done, Lob City assisted on 75% of their buckets and averaged 3 assists per turnover, while the home team assisted on 50% of their field goals and had a 1.15 assist to turnover ratio.

Zach Randolph does a lot of things well, but you’d think he could be a better passer given the talent around him. Despite having another great post presence in Marc Gasol, an elite rim attacker in Rudy Gay, and a few solid perimeter shooters, ZBo is handing out one assist for every four turnovers in December.


- If you subtract their last game against the Raptors (a 117-101 win on November 27th), James Harden has scored 37.7% of his total points since November 19th from the free throw line.

- When they weren’t sending the Rockets to the free throw line, Toronto was swatting shots at an elite level. In fact, they were able to overcome Houston shooting better (49.2% as compared to 46.4%) from the field on unblocked shots. The Raptors were led by Amir Johnson (5 blocks) as they turned away 13 Rocket shots, 12 more shots than they had blocked.

Metta World Peace managed 16 rebounds against the 76ers today; one rebound for every 2 minutes and 8 seconds of game time. For the month of December, prior to today’s game, World Peace averaged one rebound every 6 minutes and 21 seconds.

- Kobe Bryant recorded six assists for the third straight game and the Lakers are reacting well. They have won two of those three games and won four out of five during a similar streak of 6+ assist games in mid-November.

- The Portland Trailblazers led the NBA in percentage of minutes played and points scored from their starting five. That’s well and good, but they wouldn’t have squeezed by the Hornets without the help of their role players. The three minutes leaders in last night’s game were a combined -1 when at least one of them was on the floor.

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