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Weekly Stat Pack

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We are back with another group of statistics that found a way to fly under the radar for the week that was in the NBA. No player is exempt from this collection of far-reaching oddities, pointing out trends that you likely missed in the excitement of watching the games. On days with a full schedule, the top five stats are highlighted, and on days with fewer than five games, I’ll give you a stat from each game. One thing to remember: these stats are current on the day listed. That is, a trend can break as the week progresses, but for that moment in time, the numbers held true.

Without further adieu, the always interesting and never replicated Weekly Stat Pack.


The Minnesota Timberwolves played in a high scoring game, but what else is new? They have scored at least 111 points in six of their last seven, yet they are only 4-3 over that stretch. Oddly enough, they are 2-0 over those 16 days when Kevin Love fails to record a double double but 1-2 when he goes for at least 30 points and 14 rebounds.

Kevin Garnett is experiencing statistically his worst season of his storied career. One would think that a strong rebounding effort positively impact his ability to score, but not so much. Tonight’s game was the 13th time in 16 games in which Garnett has pulled down at least seven rebounds and scored less than his season average number of points (6.3).

For the sixth time in his last eight games, DeAndre Jordan blocked at least as many shots as field goals me converted.


C.J. Miles made ten three pointers against the 76ers, giving him 17 makes from distance in the first seven days of 2014. He made 17 triples in the last 48 days of 2013.

Patrick Patterson tallied 20 points, the highest total of his abbreviated Toronto career. He has now scored 49 points in his last three games, a total he hadn’t reached in any four game stretch up to this point in the season.

Bradley Beal scored 21 points, a point total he has surpassed on many occasions, but never has he made as many two point field goals (nine) as he did tonight.

Nine guards in the Knicks/Pistons game played at least five minutes; not a one of them shot over 50%. In fact, the nine of them combined to shoot 24.6% from the field.

At halftime, Kevin Durant had more points (22) than his team had FGM (19). A little different than his opponent, as every member of Utah that attempted a shot (nine players) in the first half made at least one and no more than three buckets (eight of those players scored between 4-8 points).


How do you win in the NBA?

Have your best players take a ton of shots? Well, the Warriors “big three” attempted 69.2% of the team’s total shots and lost.

Take more shots than your opponent? Well, the Mavericks attempted 17 more shots than the Spurs and lost.

Pick up the pace and win the battle in transition? Well, the Pelicans scored 66.7% more points on the break than the Wizards and lost.

Pass the ball better than your opponent and assist on a higher percentage of buckets? Well, the Lakers assisted on 55.6% of their baskets against the Rockets, who assisted on 46.2% of their field goals, and lost.

What about dominating the paint? Well, the Timberwolves scored 26 more “easy points” (points in the paint + free throws) than the Suns and lost.


Kevin Durant got his 30 points, but it was in a far from efficient manner. For the fourth consecutive game, his FG% dropped. You’d assume that that trend should be considered a fluke for the best scorer in the league, but he actually had two such streaks last season.

LeBron James turned the ball over at least five times for the tenth time this season, putting a dent in his quest to produce the most efficient season of all time. That being said, he has shot at least 62.5% from the field in the majority of those games.


Tristan Thompson notched his fourth double double of January, a feat that took him all of December to accomplish.

How poor was the free throw shooting in the Pacers/Wizards game? If you add up the percentages (not the attempts and makes, strictly the percentages), they made free throws at a lower rate than the Timberwolves/Bobcats made field goals.

The Pistons won by ten points and their “big three” combined for 38 points, 35 rebounds, and11 blocked shots. All of that being said, they found a way to be outscored by 14 points (28%) in the paint by the 76ers.

Vince Carter made three triples against the Pelicans, giving him six straight games to open 2014 with at least two makes from downtown. He is well ahead of pace, as that is something he did exactly once in both 2012 and 2013.

The Clippers are winning two out of every three games they play this season, but they are9-1 in the last ten games in which J.J. Redick has scored in double figures.


Kevin Durant connected on 15 free throws, the third consecutive game he has made at least that many. Forget never having done that before, November 2010 was the last month in which he had three such games.

Philadelphia won two quarters and lost the game by ten points. The Houston Rockets won one quarter and won their game by seven.

The Chicago Bulls had five players score at least 42% more points than their career average in their win against Bobcats.

Patrick Patterson scored 14 points, giving him at least 11 in four of his last five. Prior to this stretch, Patterson had four such games since March 25 of last season.

For the first time this season (and the first time in 52 games), Josh Smith did not miss a three pointer.


The Cavaliers were outscored by 1.4 points per minute over the final 35 minutes of their game in Sacramento. Need a reference for how absurd that is? Tracy McGrady scored a career high 62 points in 46 minutes against the Wizards (1.35 points per minute). The Kings dominated the Cavs over the final 35 minutes of this game more than T-Mac did Washington on his very best night. Yikes.

Mike Conley made all seven of his free throws, the second game in a row in which he made all of his free throws. He only had two such games (minimum of five attempts) during the first 32 games of this season.

Kevin Love made only three field goals tonight and has now totaled just nine makes over his last two games. The All Star Center made at least ten baskets in a single game six times in November and December.

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