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Weekly Stat Pack

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We are back with another group of statistics that found a way to fly under the radar for the week that was in the NBA. No player is exempt from this collection of far-reaching oddities, pointing out trends that you likely missed in the excitement of watching the games. On days with a full schedule, the top five stats are highlighted, and on days with fewer than five games, I’ll give you a stat from each game. One thing to remember: these stats are current on the day listed. That is, a trend can break as the week progresses, but for that moment in time, the numbers held true.

Without further adieu, the always interesting and never replicated Weekly Stat Pack.


The Clippers have won eight of nine games in which Blake Griffin has made at least five free throws, winning all seven in which he also totaled at least 20 points.

For the fourth time this month (nine games), Alec Burks shot at least 63.6% from the field (minimum ten FGA). Prior to December, the 43.6% career shooter had done so only twice (141 games).

Joe Johnson put together the most impressive12-minute performance of the season (29 points, more than eight entire teams highest scoring quarter tonight), yet he ranked fourth on his own team in plus/minus ratio.

Kevin Love attempted ten-plus free throws and ten-plus three pointers for only the third time in his career. In those games, the Timberwolves superstar is averaging 39 points and 15 rebounds in those games, yet Minnesota has won only once.

The Hawks bread and butter is their elite front court, but that’s not why they beat Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. In fact, Pau Gasol and Jordan Hill scored just as many points (37) as Paul Millsap and Al Horford while attempting 13 fewer shots (the Lakers duo shot 88.2% from the field).


The Warriors’ Splash Brothers get most of the attention when they win, but don’t forget about David Lee. The team has now won ten straight games in which their power forward has a PR (points + rebounds) of at least 35.

Russell Westbrook corralled 13 rebounds against the Nuggets, giving him 25 over his last two games. Kevin Love, Dwight Howard, DeAndre Jordan, and Andre Drummond rank as the top four rebounds in the NBA, but all four have failed to notch 25 total rebounds in their last two games.

Zach Randolph’s final stat line was nice (18 points, 16 rebounds, and five assists) but he shot a miserable 7/22 from the field. It was the first time in the calendar year that he missed at least 15 shots in a losing effort and the 15 miss-fires surpass his career average for FGA (14.4).

Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge are quickly becoming one of the more feared duos in the league, and they were back at it again against the Cavaliers, combining for 62 points, 23 rebounds, and 14 assists. But do the Trail Blazers win this game with the play they received from the centers? Robin Lopez and Joel Freeland combined to make all four of their field goal attempts and grab 13 rebounds (nine of which came on the offensive end). These aren’t the “glory” players, but nine added possessions has as big a impact on a three point game as anything.

DeMarcus Cousins averaged 2.31 points per field goal attempt against the Bobcats while the rest of his team averaged 0.85. On nights like this (he recorded a game high in points, rebounds, assists, and steals), Sacramento needs to call him Tucker


Good luck finding another instance in which a team scores over 110 points and has as many offensive rebounds as assists. The Wizards did just that as they beat the Nets 113-107 behind19 offensive rebounds, which allowed them to win the game despite shooting 43.2% from the field while Brooklyn shot 52.7%.

Advanced metrics are great, but the Pistons offensive game plan is as text book as it gets. Attack the rim, make free throws, and if you’re going to take a jump shot, step behind that line and earn an extra point. In fact, 90.7% of their points against the Celtics came either in the paint, at the free throw line, or from downtown.

Jeff Teague handed out 15 assists and pulled down eight rebounds. His AR (assist + rebound) score of 23 matched that of the entire Atlanta bench (six players who combined for 78 minutes).

The Heat are obviously a good basketball team, but they are a below average squad when Ray Allen attacks the glass. As weird as that might sound for a team that struggles to secure rebounds, Miami won for just the third time in seven games where Allen grabs at least four rebounds (16-2 otherwise)

Just 18 days into December, Kemba Walker recorded his fifth game (third consecutive) with at least 20 points on 50% shooting. He had three such games coming into this month.


Russell Westbrook didn’t play against the Jazz on November 24th but has played 13 games since. Interestingly enough, November 24th was the last game in which Reggie Jackson did not take ten-plus shots.

The Spurs average 22.8 more points in the paint than from behind the three point line, but without Tony Parker or Tim Duncan available, the reserve unit totaled more points from distance (33) than in close (32). On the flip side, the Warriors average only 13.4 more points in the paint, yet they scored 26 more on this night … and lost.


With a 7/10 effort against his former team, Jose Calderon has now made 200 of his 426 (46.9%) three point attempts dating back to the beginning of last season. Steph Curry has made 178 of his last 426 (41.8%) three pointers.

The Brooklyn Nets have lost two straight road games, but don’t tell Mirza Teletovic. The second year man out of Yugoslavia has made 11 three pointers in those games (29.7% of the total he made last season in 53 games) on just 17 attempts (15.7% of the total attempts from a season ago).

Every Denver Nugget starter scored in double figures while the Hawks/Jazz combined to have three starters enter double figures.

LeBron James made eight of his 11 field goal attempts against the Kings tonight, the fourth time in two weeks that he has shot at least 70% from the field. By contrast, Carmelo Anthony (who ranks ahead of James in scoring this season but averages 2.4 fewer points for his career) has done so four time in four-plus seasons (325 games).

The Lakers won despite taking ten fewer free throws, 17 fewer field goals, and being out rebounded on the offensive end by 15. It’s a nice win against what I believe is a legitimate Timberwolves team, but that’s a tough way to win with any sort of consistency.


Dwight Howard dominated the Hawks the way we feel he should every front court in the league: 35 points, 19 rebounds, three blocks, and even five dimes. No player in the league is as dominate as D12 when everything is going right: he is shooting 70.7% from the field this season in games in which he scores at least 24 points.

Tyson Chandler has been banged up and may be a bit rusty, but tonight was the first time since January 31, 2011 that he missed five field goals AND four free throws.

All ten players in the Cavaliers/Bulls game that played at least 25 minutes scored in double figures.

Eight days ago, Gordon Hayward scored 30 points on 11 of 18 shooting from the field in Denver. In his four road games since, Hayward has totaled 45 points on 15 of 48 shooting.

I’m not saying Avery Bradley is a one dimensional player, but he has MADE 71 three pointers since the beginning of last season and ATTEMPTED only 85 free throws,


The Celtics outscored the Pacers by one point outside of the paint … and lost by 27.

Kevin Durant made just five field goals in a losing effort against the Raptors, giving him 11 makes over his last two games. He was averaging 10.7 makes per game in December prior to Saturday.

Kevin Love is averaging 25.2% more points in the Timberwolves last four losses than he is in their last four wins.

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