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Weekly Stat Pack

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We are back with another group of statistics that found a way to fly under the radar for the week that was in the NBA. No player is exempt from this collection of far-reaching oddities, pointing out trends that you likely missed in the excitement of watching the games. On days with a full schedule, the top five stats are highlighted, and on days with fewer than five games, I’ll give you a stat from each game. One thing to remember: these stats are current on the day listed. That is, a trend can break as the week progresses, but for that moment in time, the numbers held true.

Without further adieu, the always interesting and never replicated Weekly Stat Pack.


Al Jefferson had the best game no one will ever remember. He totaled 38 points and 19 rebounds on 75% shooting from the field. How good is that? LeBron James (you know, the guy who scored 61 tonight) has never had his points and rebounds (or points and assists for that matter) add up to at least 50 in a game where he made three-quarters of his shots. Never. In 958 games for maybe the most efficient and versatile player we have ever seen. Not once.

The Bulls are 1-4 since Feburary 1 when Taj Gibson hands out 0 assists.

The Nuggets lost a home game in which they attempted 15 more field goals, made 12 more, and we plus 24 points from distance.

Kevin Martin scored as many points as any player in the Lakers/Trail Blazers game and more than any player in the Bulls/Nets game. Martin made three shots from the field.


Over the last 53 days, Matthew Dellavedova has very quietly handed out 56 assists and turned the ball over just 11 times.

Since November 3rd, the Sixers have nearly as many losses by 20-plus points (11) as they do wins (12).

Kent Bazemore has made 16 three pointers (on 35 attempts) in seven games as a member of the Lakers after making 20 (73 attempts) in 105 games as a member of the Warriors.

For the second time this season, Stephen Curry recorded more rebounds than assists. In both games, a “Splash Brother” won the game on Golden State’s final possession.

Blake Griffin has totaled ten rebounds in 69 March minutes after averaging 10.7 in 36 minutes in February.


The Mavericks won 15 of the first 22 games that Shawn Marion made a three pointer, but have now dropped four straight.

The Bobcats have opened March with three games against the game’s elite teams (Thunder, Heat, and Pacers) and their best player has been as efficient as any player in the NBA. Al Jefferson has scored 97 points on 67.7% shootings and grabbed 34 rebounds.

Beating a former team is one thing, but the fashion in which the Rockets are beating Dwight Howard’s exes has to be especially gratifying for D12. In five games (four wins) over the Lakers and Magic, James Harden is averaging 32 points and giving Howard the help he couldn’t get in Los Angeles or Orlando.

Memphis had 80% of their starting lineup combine to miss 15 of their 17 shots from the field in 77 minutes of action.

Kyle Korver’s historic 3-point streak ended at 127 while Stephen Curry extended his streak to 50 games on his final possession. Could Curry, who holds the longest active streak, make a run?


Chris Bosh has shot at least 60% in 66.7% of his 20-plus point games this season. For reference, LeBron James has done so in 45.8% of such games.

The Suns have won three straight games in which Goran Dragic has attempted at least 14 two point field goals after winning just two of the first nine occurrences this season.

Nearly everything went right for the Clippers in their 48 point victory, but DeAndre Jordan did record his first double double without a blocked shot in nearly three months.


Anthony Davis recorded a game-high in points and rebounds for only the third time this season and the first time since January 18.

Dallas improved to 5-0 when Monta Ellis plays at least 40 minutes and attempts fewer than 15 shots.

Since the final day of January, Kyle Lowry is shooting just 35.1% from the field in victories (37.5% in losses).

The Lakers are averaging 53 points in the first half of their last two games, a figure that would rank them ninth in the NBA for the season … they’ve been outscored by 44 points over that stretch.

The Pacers fell to 11-9 when Paul George turns the ball over at least four times and 35-7 when he doesn’t.


The Grizzlies have won four straight games when Zach Randolph makes more free throws than field goals after losing the first two such games this season.

Over the last month, Tony Wroten has scored 116 points in six home games, but has yet to make a three pointer.

From January 14 – March 4, Carmelo Anthony had 15 assists in Knick victories. From March 5 – March 8, the New York star had 17 assists in wins.

Danny Green made four three pointers, the 12th win in which he has made at least three in this year: San Antonio is averaging 114.3 points in those games.

Trevor Ariza has connected on 50% more three pointers than the “Splash Brothers” have combined for thus far in March.


For the first time this season, Oklahoma City failed to have the games highest scorer in back-to-back games. Taking it a step further, it was the first time Kevin Durant didn’t recorded a game-high point in back-to-back games since January 22-24.

If Chris Bosh makes his next six three pointers (not likely, but far from impossible), he will be on pace to finish the season as a member of the 50-40-80 club: Ray Allen is not a member of this club.

Marcus Thornton is averaging 24 points on 65.9% shooting every other day this month (starting with the first of the month). The other days? 3.5 points on 12.5% shooting (0/10 from distance).

How do you win a game in which you are out-rebounded by 15? Have nearly as many assists as rebounds. Boston handed out 38 assists while grabbing 39 boards.

Blocking shots in the NBA is no easy feat, but Anthony Davis has blocked at least four shots in a higher percentage of games this season than Carmelo Anthony has recorded at least four assists.

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