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Weekly NBA Stats Pack

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We are back with another group of statistics that found a way to fly under the radar for the week that was in the NBA. No player is exempt from this collection of far-reaching oddities, pointing out trends that you likely missed in the excitement of watching the games. On days with a full schedule, the top five stats are highlighted, and on days with fewer than five games, I’ll give you a stat from each game. One thing to remember: these stats are current on the day listed. That is, a trend can break as the week progresses, but for that moment in time, the numbers held true.

Without further adieu, the always interesting and never replicated Weekly Stat Pack.


The Spurs scored 110-plus points for the sixth time in a game that Tim Duncan was active this season, but the future hall of famer seems to have less of an impact when the team has more success on the offensive end. He made four field goals against Toronto, his exact average of FGM in those games (averaging six makes in all other games). In an age of star players domination, the Ducan/Tony Parker duo is remains a less is more tandem (they average less makes combined in the 110-plus point games than all other contests).

The Bobcats and Bucks average a total of 40 assists per game, but when they faced off tonight, the two teams finished with 59 dimes (not to mention only 20 turnovers). Not bad for a game in which you may struggle to name five players that had Miroslav Raduljica lead all players in plus/minus.

The Pistons big three has an opportunity to do something that I can’t imagine has ever been done. Tonight, they made 60.6% of their two point attempts and 57.1% of their free throws, brining their season total to 53.1% from inside the arc and 54% from the stripe. Could they possibly shoot better from the field than from the line for an entire season?

Lance Stephenson may have scored a career high 26 points, but I’m more impressed by the development of his all around game. For the sixth time in seven games, the fourth-year man notched at least five rebounds and five assist. He’s shooting 52.9% from the field over that stretch.

Tyreke Evans has never been a deadeye shooter, but his 11/12 performance from the free throw line continued a hot streak from the free throw line. In fact, it actually lowered his free throw percentage to 92.2% since December 2.


Christmas Eve – Why they don’t play games on Christmas Eve but 10 teams are in action on Christmas Day is beyond me.


Blind resume time: Who is averaging 16.3 points, shooting 61% from the field, and nearly nine rebounds/four assists per 48 minutes over his last four games? Hint: he has played 116 minutes in those four games, but didn’t start a one of those games …

The top two scorers on the Thunder scored 53 points on 30 shots (66.7% shooting from the field). The top two scorers on the Knicks scored 41 points on 41 shots (39%).

The Heat outscored the Lakers by 27 points in total paint/three pointer points, yet they only won by six.

James Harden, who is shooting 36.5%from distance and 83.8% from the free throw line this season, is shooting 75% from three and 57.9% from the line against the Spurs in their two meetings.

The Warriors beat the Clippers in the best game of the night, despite an off night from Stephen Curry (5-17 from the field for 15 points). He did, however, take care of the ball, improving his team’s record to 11-0 in games in which he commits two or fewer turnovers. For the record, they are 2-5 when he scores 30-plus points this season.

Taj Gibson

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Miroslav Raduljica, Lance Stephenson, Tyreke Evans, Taj Gibson, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Monta Ellis,


Kyrie Irving poured in a game high 40 points, but ranked tenth in the Cavaliers/Hawks game in points per shot.

Dwight Howard attempted five field goals in the Rockets come from behind victory over the Grizzlies. D12 has taken ten or fewer shots in more games than LeBron James has scored 25-plus points this season.

Monta Ellis has made a three pointer in only three of 11 December games. The Mavericks are 3-0 when he does and 3-5 when he doesn’t.

Four players (Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Jamal Crawford, and LaMarcus Aldridge) in the Clippers/Blazers game combined to take 52.4% of the shots and score 53.4% of the points.


Reggie Jackson is usually part of a OKC reserve unit that has limited offensive responsibility due to the star power of their starter. Tonight, starting in place of the injured Russell Westbrook, Jackson attempted two more shots than the entire bench.

For the first time in my analyzing of box scores, tonight was the first time I’ve seen a reserve from both teams record a plus/minus ratio of-20 or worse (Caron Butler and Alan Anderson).

The Raptors have won four straight games in which Jonas Valanciunas goes for a double double, not bad after they dropped four of the first five such games this season.

The Warriors have a dynamic player in Steph Curry, but they don’t always rely on his shooting to win ball games. In fact, there current four game win streak is the second streak of at least four wins in which their star player is shooting worse than his season average (44.5%) from the field. This is why I think the Golden State Warriors should be considered a threat in the Western Conference.

With nine points on three three pointers in 19 minutes of action, Shane Battier extended his streak of games without a two point bucket (minimum 17 minutes played) to seven games and 27 days.


For the fourth time in five games, Terrance Ross made at least 50% of both his three pointers (minimum of three makes) and his total field goal attempts. The historic Kyle Korver has only done that three times over the last month.

Six of the seven players in the Cavaliers/Celtics game that attempted at least ten shots were guards.

Paul George, George Hill, and Lance Stephenson combined to score 68 points while missing only 12 shots. In the same game, Joe Johnson and Kevin Garnett tallied 11 points while missing 12 shots.

Paul Millsap made 12 of 14 free throws in 40 minutes of action against the Bobcats after going 90 consecutive minutes through the last two games without a single FTA>

The Grizzlies bench (minimum four minutes played) scored 62 points on 68% shooting while their starters managed 58 points on 43% shooting. Not bad for a set of reserves that doesn’t have a single player averaging even eight FGA or ten points.


Andre Iguodala recorded ten assists and five stocks (steals plus blocks) in an overtime victory over the Cavaliers. The swingman had totaled seven assists and five stocks for the entire week prior to tonight’s game.

After Orlando’s first win of the season, Nikola Vucevic has recorded a double double in every single victory, averaging 16.7 points on 61.4% shooting and 13.2 rebounds.

For the first time in more than a month, Thabo Sefolsha had a higher shooting percentage from inside the arc than from beyond it in a game in which he made at least one triple.

Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili average only 22 field goal attempts per night, yet they took as many shots from the field as seven Sacramento players combined.

Michael Carter-Williams recorded at least four steals for the seventh time this season, giving him the same number of four steal games as double doubles.

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