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Weekly NBA Stats Pack

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We are back with another group of statistics that found a way to fly under the radar for the week that was in the NBA. No player is exempt from this collection of far-reaching oddities, pointing out trends that you likely missed in the excitement of watching the games. On days with a full schedule, the top five stats are highlighted, and on days with fewer than five games, I’ll give you a stat from each game. One thing to remember: these stats are current on the day listed. That is, a trend can break as the week progresses, but for that moment in time, the numbers held true.

Without further adieu, the always interesting and never replicated Weekly Stat Pack.


They say it’s not how you start, rather how you finish, but the 76ers are 5-1-1 in the fourth quarter during their seven game losing skid.

Kevin Love made 12 freebies tonight, his fourth consecutive game with at least that many FTM. He had five such games during the first three months of the season.

Rookie season: 5.5 points (42.3% from the field and 16.3% from three) and a 2.85 assist-to-turnover ratio in 23.2 minutes on a 55 loss team.

Rookie season: 6.6 points (40.4% from the field and 14.3% from three) and a 3.72 assist-to-turnover ratio in 21.3 minutes on a team that is on pace to lose 65 games

Nate Wolters is Jose Calderon.

Marco Belinelli was the only Spur to play over 26 minutes or attempt ten-plus field goals. In the same game, the Pistons have five players do both.

In 2014, the Pacers are averaging 106.2 points and winning by an average of 20 points following a road loss.


The Bobcats blew out the Mavericks tonight and have more double-digit wins than losses over the last 5.5 weeks.

Anthony Bennett is averaging 9.3 points in February, not bad for a player who eclipsed the nine point plateau just once in his first three months in the NBA. He’s probably not going to live up to the “number one overall selection” expectations, but it is far too early to call him a major bust.

For the second time in two weeks, Joakim Noah recorded at least ten points, ten rebounds, eight assists, and three blocked shots. His game isn’t as appealing as most “star” players, but he is the type of talent that will be playing for overachieving teams his entire career.

Say what you will about Kevin Durant, but the Thunder are undefeated in 2014 (9-0) when Jeremy Lamb scores in double figures.

Chris Kaman has attempted 47 field goals in his last two home games, matching the total number of FGA at home since the first full week of November.


For the third consecutive game against Atlanta, DeMar DeRozan scored 30-31 points, shot at least 57% from the field, made multiple three pointers, and had at least three personal fouls.

Tying your future to a rookie is risky business, and the Orlando Magic are the perfect example. Victor Oladipo has made just ten of 52 (19.2%) shots in Orlando’s last four losses, but has connected on 26 of 35 (74.3%) in their last four victories.

What in the name of Vinsanity is going on? Vince Carter has attempted 37 shots in his last three games (27.7 shots per 48 minutes). Remember when VC averaged a career high 27.6 points in 2000-2001? He took 26.7 shots per 48 minutes.

Marco Belinelli recorded 11 rebounds and eight dimes against the Celtics, a well rounded stat line that we rarely see from the 27-year old. He had totaled 20 AR (assists plus rebounds) in the first five games of February.

Carmelo Anthony has taken 492 shots in 2014, only two fewer than Roy Hibbert has attempted all season long.


Taj Gibson has scored 84 points over the last week (Thursday to Thursday) after scoring 86 points in the first three weeks of the season.

Kendall Marshall is averaging 12.3 points and 12.5 assists when the Lakers score over 100 points in 2014. While his fantasy basketball owners are happy, Los Angeles has won only five of those 12 games.

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