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Weekly NBA Stat Pack

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We are back with another group of of statistics that found a way to fly under the radar for the week that was in the NBA. No player is exempt from this collection of far-reaching oddities, pointing out trends that you likely missed in the excitement of watching the games. On days with a full schedule, the top five stats are highlighted, and on days with fewer than five games, I’ll give you a stat from each game. One thing to remember: these stats are current on the day listed. That is, a trend can break as the week progresses, but for that moment in time, the numbers held true.

Without further adieu, the always interesting and never replicated Weekly Stat Pack.


Lance Stephenson had 39 assists in the entire month of November last season. After his first career triple double tonight against the Grizzlies, the 23-year old now has 37 for the month with eight games left to be played.

For the second consecutive game, James Harden tallied more assists than FGM, something you would assume is a rarity for one of the league’s elite scorers. Not so fast. He has dished out at least as many assists as FGM in 14 of his last 29 regular season games, with his Rockets winning eight of those games.

Through eight games, Kyrie Irving has missed more shots from the field (96) than Dwight Howard has attempted (90).

Blake Griffin has missed more free throws through eight games (20) than Andre Drummond has missed field goals (18). Teammate Josh Smith, a career 28.3% three point shooter, continues to fire away from downtown and has missed more triples (27) than Drummond has field goals despite 24% fewer attempts. The Pistons impressive forward is missing one shot per 11.8 minutes of game action.

Over the last week (four games) the Timberwolves are outscoring their opponents by 50 points with Ricky Rubio on the court, but they’ve split those four games.


Michael Beasley had his most efficient night as a member of the Miami Heat, as he scored 19 points on 8/12 shooting in just over 19 minutes of action. In the last four games in which he has played at least five minutes and his team has scored at least 100 points, Beasley has scored 67 points in 76 minutes on 30/44 (68.2%) shooting from the field.

For his career, Trevor Ariza averages less than one three point bucket per game. He has connected on at least one triple in 17 straight games, making 41 over that span.

Jermaine O’Neal made seven of his eight field goal attempts, nearly doubling his total November production in a single game. That being said, his deficiencies (four turnovers and five personal fouls) don’t seem to mesh with the Warriors up-tempo style. Golden State was outscored by ten points when O’Neal was on the floor and +28 for the 25 minutes he was on the pine.

The Lakers won for the fourth time this season with a formula that is easy to identify. Through nine games, the Lakers have outscored their opponents by 63 points from behind the arc. How are they only 4-5 you ask? They’ve been outscored by 100 points on two point buckets.


Kevin Love scored 33 points but did not record a double double, something he has done … never.

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan were expected to dominate the ball in Toronto, but to this extent? The duo attempted 62 shots in 102 minutes of action on Monday against the Grizzlies while the other three starters combined to take 59 shots in their 207 total minutes this week.

Jeremy Lin offered up his second consecutive big performance and now has 65 points, 12 triples, and ten rebounds over the last two games. In the first six games of the month, the point guard totaled 82 points, five made three pointers, and 12 rebounds. Why has the Rockets winning percentage stayed the exact same (.500) over the last two games as it was over the first six of November? Lin has more turnovers (13) than assists (12), offsetting his hot shooting (56% from the field and 57% from distance).

If you’ve read my work over the years, this won’t catch you off-guard. Ricky Rubio is an absolute animal when he is going good. In the Timberwolves last two wins, their stud point guard has scored 28 points (63% shooting from the field, 100% from three point land, and 100% from the free throw line) handed out 30 assists (eight turnovers), 16 rebounds, and eight steals. Let’s compare that to how some of the other “elite” point guards have produced in their teams last two wins.

Russell Westbrook: 33 points (25.7% shooting from the field, 40% from three, 92% from the line), four assists (nine turnovers), nine rebounds, and four steals.

Chris Paul: 35 points (41/0/92), 27 assists (eight turnovers), 11 rebounds, seven steals

Tony Parker: 30 points (67/0/100), 10 assists (eight turnovers), four rebounds, zero steals.

A group of five Spurs, including three starters, combined to make 27 of their 34 shots from the field while the other eight players, including a future hall of famer, made just 12 of 43 field goal attempts. How many times can a team win in convincing fashion (they trailed for exactly 0 seconds and won by 13) where players who accounted for 55.4% of the minutes played shot under 28% from the field. Things are not good Wizards fans. Not. Good.


The New York Knicks are yet to win a third quarter against a team not named the Charlotte Bobcats.

Harrison Barnes has been a dynamic offensive talent since high school (he was named a preseason All American in his one season at North Carolina), but he has more career turnovers than assists in the NBA. That problem gets swept under the rug because he can put the ball in the basket, but on a Warriors team that relies on a high volume of shot attempts, that’s a flaw that cannot be overlooked.


The Phoenix Suns have been a surprising team this year in large part due to the play of Eric Bledsoe. That being said, they took the Brooklyn Nets to overtime in spite of their best player. For the 40 minutes he was on the court, the Suns were outscored by 15 points. The cumulative +/- of all other Phoenix guards was +13. Go figure, they lost by two points.

Roy Hibbert swatted eight more shots tonight, giving him at least five blocks in six of nine games this season. The blocked shots are nothing new, but he made all of his free throws, a statistic that he rarely pairs with his paint protection. He had gone 251 straight games without blocking at least five shots and shooting 100% from the charity stripe (minimum five attempts).

Tony Wroten, a second year guard out of Washington, has very quietly been offering strong production for 76ers over the last two weeks. After dropping in 22 points tonight against the Hawks, he now has 91 points over his last seven games (11 days), matching his total number of points in his entire rookie campaign (160 days).

A player who has a well defined role? LaMarcus Aldridge. The Trail Blazers power forward (who, for my money, is one of the most underrated players in the game today) took18 shots in a 27 point effort against the Celtics, the seventh consecutive game in which he has attempted between 17-20 field goals.

LeBron James was insanely efficient on his way to a season high 39 points as he made 14 of his 18 shots from the field, made his only three pointer, and missed just one of his 11 three point attempts. But is “insanely efficient” really the right way to describe this effort? After all, over his last 41 games, The King has scored at least 27 points on 60% shooting from the field almost 32% of the time.


Yea yea yea, LeBron is great. But was he the MVP of Miami’s win over the Bobcats? Consider this: the difference in terms of plus/minus between LeBron (+7) and Charlotte’s starting SF (Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, -3) was 10. The difference between Rashard Lewis (+21) and Charlotte’s reserve PF (Anthony Tolliver, -9) was 30.

Monta Ellis failed to make a three pointer for the third consecutive Saturday. The only odder trend than that nugget is the fact that this is his second streak of at least three three pointer-less Saturdays in 2013.

Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith combined to miss one fewer shot (28) than the Hawks three leading scorers took.

John Wall dished out 12 assists while committing only one turnover, a stat line you’d expect to be directly correlated to success. Not so much. The Wizards have lost a game in which Wall notched double digit assists with one turnover in all four of his professional seasons.

The Celtics and Pelicans took the same number of shots from the field tonight. Boston scored 88 points while New Orleans score … 135.


The Trail Blazers won for the sixth consecutive game in which LaMarcus Aldridge made at least ten field goals. That may seem obvious, but Portland had won just one of the previous seven occasions.

Wondering where the difference was in the Grizzlies 11 point win over the Kings was? Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, and Mike Conley were Memphis’ top three scorers and managed 60 points on 25/38 (65.8%) shooting from the field. In contrast, Sacramento’s top scoring trio (Travis Outlaw, Isaiah Thomas, and Marcus Thornton) scored 45 points on 16/39 (41%) shooting.

Steve Blake had 16 dimes and four steals in the Lakers win over the Hawks. The point guard had totaled just ten assists and one steal in Los Angeles’ first three wins. From the same game, the Hawks have now allowed at least 34 points in a single quarter in each of their last five losses.

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