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Visualizing Efficiency and The Four Factors

US Presswire

US Presswire

I spend a lot of time at Basketball-Reference, scrolling through tables and sifting through numbers, trying to identify the statistically relevant underpinnings of what my eyes see on the basketball court. However, it’s easy to get lost in the numbers without any visual anchors to hold understanding. The table below is a visual anchor I created for myself that I thought might be worth sharing.

The central graph marks each NBA team by their Offensive and Defensive Ratings. If you scroll over any of the points you can see their Net Rating as well. The color of each team’s mark is set by their average pace. The size of each team’s mark is set by their strength of schedule – the more difficult a schedule they’ve played, the larger their mark.

Down the righthand side you’ll see a series of separate graphs displaying team performance in each of The Four Factors at the offensive and defensive end. I’ve standardized these outputs so that instead of showing the actual value, the graph shows how many standard deviations each team’s performance is away from league average. I’ve also adjusted each category so that the positive performance is always displayed in positive standard deviations. For example, a higher offensive TO% is a bad thing, but I’ve reversed the calculations for this category so a lower TO% is displayed as increasing standard deviations above average. Scroll over any team’s mark in the central graph and their performance on The Four Factors graphs along the side will also be highlighted.

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