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Visualizing Efficiency and the Four Factors

Above is a new version of a visualization I put together last year using team data from Basketball-Reference. On their season summary page Basketball-Reference has a wealth of information about team efficiency, but looking at all those numbers together in a table format can make team-by-team comparison a little overstimulating. This is my attempt to put that data into a format more useful for quick comparisons.

The top graph shows each team marked by their Offensive and Defensive Ratings. The size of each team’s mark is set by their Pythagorean Win Projection, a projection of how many games they would have been expected to win thus far based on their point differential. The color of each team’s mark is set by their Pace.

Below that top graph you’ll see separate graphs for The Four Factors, both offensive and defensive. Here each team’s performance is marked by how many standard deviations above or below average they are. I’ve adjusted these numbers so that the positive outcome is always measured in positive standard deviations. For example, on offense an eFG% higher than average is good but a TOV% higher than average is bad. I’ve reversed the sign on offensive TOV% so that a lower TOV% is expressed in standard deviations above average.

Hopefully people find this visualization a handy tool and I’ll do my best to keep it updated throughout the season. If you questions or things you’d like to see added, let me know!

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