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Kyle Soppe is the newest contributor at Hickory-High. You can find more of his basketball writing at Pickin’ Splinters and follow him on Twitter.

Welcome to ‘Trending,’ where every Monday morning I’ll be bringing you the odd, the overlooked, and the outstanding stats from the previous week in the NBA. No one is safe from being exposed and no team or game will be skipped over as I look to bring you a unique set of numbers that will hopefully not only surprise, but allow you to set up camp at the water cooler.

- The Dallas Mavericks were 0-4 on the road this past week, their greatest number of losses (home or away) in a single week this season. Dallas had an inverse relationship with the point spread in those losses, losing by a wider margin to the less accomplished opponents. The Suns and Thunder, with a combined record of 51-30, beat the Mavs by an average of only 3.0 points, while the Warriors and Kings, with a combined record of 30-47, beat Dallas by an average of 18.5 points.

- The Miami Heat beat the Indiana Pacers in overtime on Saturday, 93-91. The Heat were fortunate to stretch the game, as they’re 0-4 this season when they score fewer than 90 in regulation. Miami has now defeated Indiana three times this year, despite a very odd trend in point totals. Since they first met on January in South Beach, the Pacers point total has increased each game (83, 90, 91) while the Heat total has decreased in each game (118, 105, 93).

- The Heat won all three games this week, averaging 96.7 points per game. The Knicks dropped five games in seven days despite averaging 101.8.

- Sharp shooting Kyle Korver had his best week of the season, averaging 11.5 points per game. There were no variations from type offensively, where he made 10 three-pointers and 7 two-pointers. The unpredictability came at the defensive end. Typically a liability, Korver recorded 30% of his seasons blocked shots in the past seven days.

- The Philadelphia 76ers scored 100+ in three consecutive games after not reaching triple digits once in February. In fact, prior to this week, the 76ers had scored 100+ just three times in the past 46 days.

- Goran Dragic, Steve Nash‘s back-up in Phoenix who knocked socks off seven minutes at a time, is benefiting from an increased role with the Rockets. This past week he averaged 17 points per game (more than twice his season average), connected on 9 three-pointers, and averaged 5.3 assists per game. The three-point shooting is an added dimension for Dragic, who had only made 9 three-pointers in 24 games leading up to this week.

Finally, a few blind comparisons to keep the wheels turning until next week.

Over the last three games -

Player A: 48 points, 14 assists, 22 rebounds, and 22/44 shooting from the field.

Player B: 53 points, 3 assists, 20 rebounds, and 20/44 shooting from the field.

Over the past week -

Player C: 94 points, 20/25 from the free throw line, 24/38 from the field.

Player D: 97 points, 20/24 from the free throw line, 35/52 from the field.

Player E: 101 points, 30/34 from the free throw line, 33/75 from the field.

Follow Kyle on Twitter to get the answers. He’ll be tweeting them out sometime tomorrow evening.

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  • Seamus

    Player E smells like Kobe. It takes a lot for him to get his numbers.

    The Heat scoring fewer points against the Pacers? How does that go with their overall totals?

    • Ian Levy

      I believe Player E was Durant. Check with @unSOPable23 though. He wrote the post and tweeted out the answers yesterday afternoon.

  • Kyle Soppe

    Player E was in fact Kevin Durant. And Players C and D were his teammates, Harden and Westbrook respectively.

    Player A was Chris Kaman, while Player B was Dirk.

    As for the question on the Heat/Pacers. The Heat have won all three, but their points scored decreased in each while the Pacers increased. The scores read: 118-83, 105-90, and 93-91

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