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The Seven Stages of Rudy Gay: Regret

USA Today Sports

USA Today Sports

Last night Rudy Gay was traded from the Toronto Raptors to the Sacramento Kings and we here at Hickory-High are still trying to work through the intellectual and emotional confusion (I don’t just mean confusion about the trade but general confusion about Rudy Gay as a professional basketball). Join us as we travel through The Seven Stages of Rudy Gay.

Will Gay one day understand that his love for the mid-range jumper is self-destructive? The pace he shoots them at demolishes the idea of short-term change, but one day Rudy can reinvent himself, right? – Cole Patty

We gotta run a play. NO! We have to score, now.

Short answer, no. Long answer, well…still no. You’d like to think he would catch up to the rest of the league and see his inefficency, but he just hasn’t. 32% of his attempts in 2011-12 were mid-range, 34% in 2012-13 and through 18 games this year he’s at 33%.

It’s just what Rudy is at this point, expecting him to change after 530 NBA games is simply not fair. He’s a jumbled mess of potential that we probably just have to give up on untangling.

Are we unfair to Gay? Should we just realize this is what Rudy Gay is and should we just accept him as, well, Rudy Gay and not try to paint him as something more ?

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