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The Mix in My Mind

I spend a lot of time in the car. It’s an inevitable byproduct of living in rural Vermont. Thirty minutes each way to work, ten minutes to the grocery store, four hours east to see extended family, the time adds up quickly. But I don’t mind driving, especially on beautiful country roads with time and space to let my mind wander.

As the miles roll by under my tires I often find myself drifting into a misty place, halfway between memory and imagination, a place that I usually find filled with basketball highlights. I’ve watched enough NBA commercials and beautiful basketball mixes on YouTube that this misty place has a distinct structure. I’m not always sure what’s real and what’s imagined, but there are plenty of slow-motion crossovers and closeups of sweat dripping off foreheads, punctuated by rapid fire dunks and fall-away jumpers. Just like the Psychomagnotheric Slime from Ghostbusters 2, these memories (imaginary creations?) are often guided and shaped by whatever music happens to be playing. I have found, over time, that specific songs tend to conjure highlights from specific players.

The problem with these mental images is that they’re fleeting and often indistinct. They don’t usually hold together for an entire three or four minute reel. But I want them to. I want to see them as actual video, watchable from beginning to end. I want someone to make my imagination into reality.

That’s where you come in. Below I’ve collected a list of players and songs that have come to be associated in my mind. If any of you reading this article happen to be a professional, semi-professional or amateur basketball mix-maker I humbly submit them as a list of future ideas and soundtracks to be pursued. If any of these highlight mixes were to become reality I can promise you the thanks of a grateful nation. We’ll also feature the mix prominently here at Hickory-High and shout your name (or website and Twitter handle) from the digital rooftops. I know some of these pairings represent a significant challenge. But I think any potential embarrassment from trying and failing would pale in comparison to the embarrassment of me admitting that all of these tunes have a place of honor on my iPod.

Please. Basketball mix-makers. Make my dreams come true.

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