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Rants, References and Revelations

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- Roy Hibbert, practicing the Tao of Giraffes.

- Dwight Howard attempted a league record 39 free throws on Thursday night. For Aaron McGuire of Gothic Ginobili that must have made for an unwatchable game on a scale that’s hard to fathom.

- One injured pectoral and things got grim in a hurry for the Atlanta Hawks.

- Why are Monta Ellis passes different from all other passes?

- Vinny Del Negro doesn’t have a reputation as the shrewdest offensive mind in the business. I can’t decide if his statement that “execution, not design, makes an offense great” is a huge cop-out or brilliantly simplistic.

- Indiana has been at the top of all-kinds of power rankings over the first two weeks of the season. It’s so exciting to see them included among the league’s elite that I can forgive Zach Harper for his assumption that they won’t be there for long.

- Incredible that Andrea Bargnani has the audacity to finally start playing up to expectations.

- Kobe Bryant apparently has a unique sound he makes to call for the ball. J.A. Adande compares it to the smoke monster from Lost. I have a unique sound I make when Kobe calls for the ball, it’s half-way between a snort and a gag.

- Tyler Hansbrough is doing his best Rainer Wolfcastle impersonation.

- LeBron is not just working in the post, he’s apparently teaching there as well.

- John Hollinger’s daily Power Rankings are back.

- It turns out that one of those pantheon myths – Michael Jordan being cut from his high school basketball team - is just that, a myth. It’s important to remember that the NBA’s mythology is built on, you know myths, not necessarily actual facts.

- According to Beckley Mason, the way to play better team defense is to play more like a Tom Thibodeau defense.

- Rob Mahoney noticed Vince Carter causing problem for opponents on the low block, and not just by scoring.

- James Liu makes a compelling argument that Austin Rivers career would be best served be an extra year honing his decision making at Duke.

- At the top of Andrew Bynum‘s to-do list: finding the open man out of a double team.

- Dwyane Casey is changing the defensive culture in Toronto. No, that’s not a joke about Canada.

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