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- Tyson Chandler has not remade the Knicks defense the way many people expected, and frustrations are starting to mount. For the record Dallas’ Defensive Rating for the season improved by about 1.3 points per 100 possessions last season. The Knicks Defensive Rating has already improved by 3.0 points per 100 possessions this season. Chandler has made a difference. Everyone saw the end result in Dallas and expected him to deliver the same thing. However, in that case he took a good defense and made it elite. In New York he’s helped take an atrocious defense and made it slightly less atrocious. Shades of gray.

- Paul Westphal has been replaced by Keith Smart in Sacramento. At least as damaging as the DeMarcus Cousins situations has been was Tyreke Evans public admission that no one really understands the offense. There are pieces in place, but a lot of work to do in remaking this team.

- Voice on The Floor is back!

- Good basketball players come in every shape, size and color.

- A few really interesting shot-selection trends have emerged. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are settling for lots of mid-range jumpshots. Danilo Gallinari is not.

- The Pacers have been a force on the offensive glass to start the season. Design and effort have both played a role.

- A terrific amount of research shows that scoring is a young man’s game.

- Zach Lowe of The Point Forward noticed the unusual amount of transition points the Chicago Bulls have been scoring. It’s already on my lengthy fantasy wish-list of statistics, but time of possession would be really helpful in breaking this down further. In particular I’d like to see how the length of Bulls’ offensive possession compares to that of their defensive possessions. A site called Stats By The Numbers had these numbers available for a small amount of time, but has dropped off the map without an update since June 2010.

- Ethan Sherwood Strauss takes a look at teams with the right mix of young pieces and lousy performance to earn high draft picks and pursue the Thunder model of success.

- Henry Abbot has a moving lambasting of the moving pick.

- Give Andre Miller some credit for the development of LaMarcus Aldridge.

- Numbers love Markieff Morris.

- Small sample size be damned, Andre Iguodala and Paul George are shooting the hell out of the ball. Meanwhile, DeMar DeRozan is on a historic pace.

- Here’s some video from NBA Playbook of the Trail Blazers making things awful hard on Kevin Durant.

- Anyone else frustrated by the way phonebooks miraculously appear on your doorstep every three months, needed or not? has put together something much more useful and timely. Here is their 2011-2012 NBA Social Media Index, a well organized outline of twitter handles covering national writers, league wide blogs, television analysts for the various networks, stat-heads, draftniks, as well as bloggers, beat-writers and players for each team.


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