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Rants, References and Revelations

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- Lakers’ fans take a lot of grief for refusing to balance emotion and rationality in their evaluations of Kobe Bryant. C.A. Clark, from Silver Screen and Roll, deserves a standing ovation for taking on the difficult task of chasing that balance. Joey Whelan chipped in at HoopSpeak, pointing out that although Kobe’s offensive possessions are ending the same way, results be damned, they’re starting in a few different ways than they have in years past.

- Beckley Mason penned an ode to the long two-pointer, with Chris Paul as his muse.

Zach Harper compared Ricky Rubio’s debut to bacon. If you know anything about Zach Harper, than you know that this is a compliment of the highest order.

Lion Face/Lemon Face is back at Harwood Paroxysm. My weekdays just got shorter by about twenty minutes.

- Listed height vs. actual height is one of those conflicts we all feel deep down inside, in dark places we don’t talk about at parties. Thank goodness we have Ethan Sherwood Strauss, shatterer of taboos. I want him on that wall. I need him on that wall.

- Jeremy Lin looks to be the new back-up point guard in New York.

- Sebastian Pruiti has moved on to Grantland, leaving Brett Koremenos to run the show at NBA Playbook. Here he breaks down Carmelo Anthony in beast mode on the pick-and-roll.

- If you love Kevin Durant and random statistics, this should fall right in the center of your Venn Diagram.

- Arturo Galletti has Wins Produced cheat sheets for each team, looking at production over the past five years. If you’re a Charlotte Bobcats fan you probably don’t even want to look.

- J.A. Adande takes his turn to bang on the “Westbrook and Durant can’t work together” drum.

- Despite what the NBA says, Dwyane Wade traveled on his game winner against the Bobcats. Rob Mahoney has the proof.

- Zach Lowe covers the early returns in New York and a nebulous offensive role for Amare Stoudemire.

- If you haven’t found your way to Gothic Ginobili yet, now is the time. They’ve begun an ambitious project to catalog some of the best basketball writing on the internet:

But I think if we’re going to skim and forget, if we’re going to drift over mounds of information like an incorporeal dune buggy, we ought to have a few rest stops out there. I’m talking about the stuff that makes you stop in your tracks, the best and most significant pieces that the NBA blogosphere has collectively produced over the years. The pantheon, if you will. These aren’t the end-of-week links roundups, nor even the end-of-year bests, nor (in many cases) even the best an individual blog has to produce. No, these are the all-time greats, the shortlist. The articles that go far beyond what you could expect from them, the articles that change you as a reader, the articles whose first readings mark the timeline of your fan experience, the articles you bookmark and continually return to when you reminisce over the subject of the article. Articles that mark themselves as surely as a great sports event marks itself to its observers. Articles that truly stretch the game out for fans and writers, whether by their sentiment, their style, or their intelligence.

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