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Matt Cianfrone is the newest contributor to Hickory-High. You can follow him on Twitter, @Matt_Cianfrone

Jared Dubin speaks on how the positional revolution is seemingly starting, and what it means for traditional bigs. 

Why Daryl Morey‘s “plan” to build a contender in the mold of the Celtics is a bad idea. 

Wizard’s owner Ted Leonsis answers questions from the Bullets Forever community. Part 1 and Part 2.

How should the Nuggets divide units next season? 

Sebastian Pruiti breaks down the offense of the USA’s next opponent Lithuania. 

A really great Q & A with Anthony Morrow. As if it wasn’t easy enough to root for the guy, he answers questions like someone who still can’t believe where he is.

SLC Dunk looks at how the Jazz develop their young players in regards to minutes played. 

Doc Rivers explains he is the reason Ray Allen left Boston.

One of the reasons the Olympics has been so great is the amazing quality and quantity of point guards in the international game right now. 

  • Shawn Furyan

    Ted Leonsis on the philosophical model the Wizards are using for building their team – “Signing three stars [like Miami or Boston] is a difficult task for the Wizards — and most other NBA teams. Look around the league and you can count on one hand the teams that have been successful and uniquely constructed that way.” … “If you would like to compare our strategy with another team, I would hope to say we are building like Oklahoma City. They have a great franchise and serve as a model for the draft-and-develop way to construct a team — they added vets via trades and retained their own players.”

    So being that emulating a model whose successes can be counted on one hand is too easy, The Wizards are playing the NBA on hard mode by going after a model whose successes can be counted on one finger!

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