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Rants, References and Revelations

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Matt Cianfrone is the newest contributor to Hickory-High. He’ll be handling the Friday links in Rants, References and Revelations, and offering longer pieces whenever the mood strikes. You can follow him on Twitter, @Matt_Cianfrone

When LeBron James went to Miami we were promised LeBron James” href=””>something different than what the playoffs have given us. 

Sebastian Pruiti broke down how Miami figured out the Pacers defense in Game 4.

Beckley Mason wonders why more teams Gregg Popovich Mundane Genius” href=””>don’t Hack-A-Whoever.  

Zach Lowe tries to figure out if the Lakers can continue to contend.

The Thunder need Russell Westbrook to continue to be a unique brand of point guard.

Retroactively grading the 2007 Draft Lottery. 

Time to let forget about the “old ways” of hard fouls. 

The reasons behind why “coaches” may vote for undeserving players in All-Defensive Teams.

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