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Rants, References and Revelations

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Matt Cianfrone is the newest contributor to Hickory-High. He’ll be handling the Friday links in Rants, References and Revelations, and offering longer pieces whenever the mood strikes. You can follow him on Twitter, @Matt_Cianfrone

Danny Green has never been a star. But he has always been able to help stars win.

Charles Jenkins joined a unique club Saturday against the Clippers.

Kevin Durant is really good. These graphs just reinforce that.

- Scoring is down this season. Is the lockout the reason or is it something else?

Carmelo Anthony and the paradox of playing the hero.

- Part of the Suns unlikely run towards the playoffs has been the fact they have, for the most part, avoided injury according to Basketball Prospectus. 

- Corner threes are an important part of NBA offenses in today’s game. The Point Forward looks at the league’s best from that spot this season. 

A fantastic profile of the NBA’s oldest player Kurt Thomas. 

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