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Rants, References and Revelations

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Matt Cianfrone is the newest contributor to Hickory-High. He’ll be handling the Friday links in Rants, References and Revelations, and offering longer pieces whenever the mood strikes. You can follow him on Twitter, @Matt_Cianfrone

- A comparison of the aging curves of some present and former NBA stars to that of the average player.

Blake Griffin Basketball Reference” href=””>Blake Griffin has drawn the ire of fans and competitors recently. But whose fault is it really? Justin Verrier examines that.

- More tanking discussion. This time Henry Abbott looks at if it even actually works to build a team that way.

- The Celtics are on fire recently and Kevin Arnovitz examines the lineup that is behind it. 

- A different look at the Celtics, wondering if they can continue to win even with how well the defense has been playing, including this gem:

“In the 159 minutes in which Boston’s four best defenders — Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Bradley — have shared the court, the Celtics have surrendered just 81.7 points per 100 possessions, per No four-man group that has logged at least 250 minutes this season has even cracked the 84.0 barrier.”

- As statistics continue to evolve assists seem to have plenty of room for improvement. The Point Forward uses STATS LLC data to look at the hockey assist, which has surprising names at the top of the list.

Goran Dragic Basketball Reference” href=””>Goran Dragic has played better than anyone expected him to this season. Mike Prada talks about Goran Dragic‘s Emergence Teaches Us Lessons About Player Development in the NBA” href=””>what it should help us learn. 

- Rockstars and centers have a lot in common. The pairings at the end of this piece are really fun. 

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