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Rants, References, and Revelations

US Presswire

Five charts showing reasons for the Heat’s recent slump.

- He may be hurt, but you can never have enough Ricky Rubio. A fun look at a bunch of his best passes from Steve McPherson.

- A nice story about how J.J. Redick found and became friendly with the alternative-indie band Milo Greene.

Why the Heat should play LeBron at point guard from Ken Berger, with a guest appearance from Miami’s Shane Battier.

- Michael Schwartz over at Valley Of the Suns uncovers the secrets of the great Phoenix training staff. 

An interesting discussion with Daryl Morey that touches on everything from clutch play and tanking to his players beard growing and his reasoning behind not being able to trade a player.

- Andrew Sharp takes a look at the situation happening in Orlando right now after yesterday’s fiasco.

- Was Kevin Durant right when he said Russell Westbrook should be shooting more than him? 

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