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Rants, References and Revelations

US Presswire

- Tim Duncan missed a game after coming down with a bad case of the ‘olds’.

- Because it’s not as visually stimulating, we often overlook that what Tim Duncan has accomplished is every bit as improbable as say, an 81 point game.

- Goran Dragic has played very, very well this season for the Rockets; well enough in fact that doing an honest statistical comparison between him and Kyle Lowry is not ridiculous on it’s face.

- Some epically bad basketball has been played in Charlotte this season. The good news is that the Bobcats have put themselves in the pole position to grab Anthony Davis, who’s athleticism and defensive abilities could re-shape the league.

- The Clippers have some incredible talent at the top, but are being dragged down by the dregs at the bottom.

- As good as they have been this season, the Thunder are continuing to get better.

- It’s one of those generally agreed upon principles that becoming a great team in the NBA, requires a few seasons in the basement stockpiling top picks. It may work for some, but that has not been the norm for successful teams.

- John Hollinger looks at candidates to intercede in a Bulls-Heat matchup in the Eastern Conference Finals.

- Jared Dudley, the thinking man’s role player

- Rob Mahoney looks for, and finds, a group of players who feast on transition opportunities.

- The Myth of Height: another front in the positional revolution

- More stats about the Monta Ellis trade than you can shake a stick at

- Finally, three takes on the issue of tankings: Kevin Pelton, Henry Abbott, Ethan Sherwood Strauss


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