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Rants, References and Revelations

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- The trade deadline passed yesterday after an exhausting build up of rumor and innuendo. Vijay Shravah took a look at how that bubble of speculation can affect the on-court performance of a player.

- Perhaps driven by nostalgia, the Knicks have been re-creating the chaos of the Isiah Thomas era. The week started with a report that Carmelo Anthony was opposed to the acquisition of his former running mate J.R. Smith, and was fairly upset that his concerns were ignored. The week ended with the resignation of coach Mike D’Antoni.

- J.J. Redick has quietly continued his evolution from knock-down shooter to well-rounded basketball player.

- A graphic look at how the fans are feeling in Portland. I’d love to see how this looks today after trading Gerald Wallace and Marcus Camby, keeping Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford, releasing Greg Oden and firing Nate McMillan.

- Markieff Morris, who impressed tremendously early in the season, is no longer playing meaningful minutes for the Suns.

- It seems unacceptable to imagine a player passing up a scoring opportunity to protect their shooting percentages. Incredibly it happens on a regular basis.

- Rajon Rondo is one of the most unique players to ever grace an NBA court. Paul Flannery has collected some of those unique features.

- Evan Turner is rebounding at an unprecedented rate for a guard. Not only that, he’s turning those rebounds into early offense.

- What are the primary components of basketball talent?

- Kirk Goldsberry is continuing to churn out some incredible spatial analytics. See the difference between the scoring patterns of LeBron and Kobe and find what is the absolute worst shot in basketball.

Finally some analysis of the yesterday’s transactions:

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