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Rants, References and Revelations

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- I really, really don’t want to forget about Adam Morrison. Until he’s back in the NBA, I’ll be reading this David Murphy’s piece once a week, with all my fingers and toes crossed.

- The task of pushing a franchise to mediocrity to a consistent winner is daunting. Kevin Hetrick at Cavs The Blog has set out to map the different approaches that Cleveland might take. Part One breaks down the idea of relying on losing seasons and high draft picks as a foundation. Part Two looks at how the best teams of recent seasons arrived at their current runs of success.

- Luck and variance are huge factors in the outcome of any sport event. Ken Pomeroy is frustrated that this is so rarely acknowledged by the media covering sporting events. Randomness is replaced by a more interesting storyline, one that may or may not accurately depict what happened.

- This lockout shortened season will lead to all sorts of events that defy the normal statistical trends. If the Clippers make the Finals with one of the worst defenses in the league they’ll be bucking one of those trends, big time.

- The Jeremy Lin coverage this week has been overwhelming. Sifting through I found myself partial to angles from Aaron McGuire, Beckley Mason, Zach Lowe, Brett Koremenos and the crew at Hardwood Paroxysm.

- Zach Harper takes some time to remind us that many, many things are more important than basketball.

- The Thunder offense has become almost absurdly reliant on individual offensive creativity this season. Many writers, myself included, have been nervously pointing out this fact, unsure of what it means for their playoff potential. Royce Young points out that this iso-movement has solved a lot of the problems that plagued the Thunder offense during last year’s playoffs.

- For the Bobcats’ fans, an in-depth profile of Anthony Davis from Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress.

- Could Ryan Anderson be the supporting star to anchor Dwight Howard to Orlando?

- There’s plenty of new tools available to play with. Basketball Reference’s Play Index + will keep you busy for days. I also got lost in this dynamic visual of every NBA player’s Value Over Replacement Player at both ends of the floor.

- I’m suffering from an extreme case of graph envy. Aaron McGuire, at Gothic Ginobili, has an incredible set of graphs breaking down the numbers for the top assist men in the league.


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