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Rants, References and Revelations

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Is James Harden the best two-guard in the NBA? While James Harden‘s career seems like it’s headed in the right direction, his fashion choices may not be.

- Kevin Pelton is thinking about his thinking. This is a piece I know I’ll read and re-read many, many times.

- John Hollinger has been playing with Trade Machine. His idea to send Stephen Jackson to the Nets sounds reasonable, except of course for making Deron Williams‘ head explode.

- Ricky Rubio‘s style is congealing into substance. In addition to all that 4th quarter success, the Wolves now boast the second most effective pick-and-roll attack in the league.

- For the record, I’ve already reserved my spot on the Jon Leuer for Rookie of the Year bandwagon. There are still plenty of seats available.

- Who would have thought that Jeff Teague, Tracy McGrady and Marvin Williams would be driving the bus in Atlanta?

- I’m at a loss for words about this wrenching piece from Negative Dunkaletics. Just read.

- Gregg Popovich used his bench to raise the stakes of a game exponentially . . . for an opponent.

- Kyrie Irving, is uniquely terrific and individually incredible.

- Got some time to kill? How about looking through every cover from SLAM? Still got a few extra minutes? How about every box score from the history of the NBA?

- Rodrigue Beaubois, slowly grinding his way back to relevancy.

- A roundtable to end all roundtables. Bradford Doolittle, facilitates a discussion on the Knicks with Kevin Pelton, Neil Paine, Dan Filowitz, Ken Drews, Will Leitch, Sebastian Pruiti, Seth Rosenthal and Tom Ziller.

- What Blake Griffin did to Kendrick Perkins was impressive, but let’s not lose our heads.

- I picked on the Kings and their lack of passing a fair bit over the past few weeks. But at least one player has started to make some changes under Keith Smart.

- Blind player comparisons. I always get these wrong.

- Red flags are flying high over Orlando’s offense.

- Rick Carlisle is managing minutes in Dallas and making the most of his oddly-shaped puzzle pieces.

- Brandon Jennings said he was going to become a more efficient offensive player this season. In a refreshing turn of events, he’s actually done it.

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