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Quick Hitters: The 31st of October 2012

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Quick Hitters is a daily, brief, multi-dimensional recap of the previous night’s NBA action.

Score: Cavaliers 94 – Wizards 84; Heat 120 – Celtics 107; Mavericks 99 – Lakers 91

Brain: I cannot overstate how much enjoyment I’m going to enjoy watching Jason Terry with the Celtics this season. His recipe of swagger and surly is going to push the intensity of every Heat game to 11.


  • Anderson Varejao had 12 offensive rebounds. That means he singlehandedly grabbed 27.9% of the Cavaliers missed shots.
  • A.J. Price and Jordan Crawford combined to shoot 6-26 from the field and 2-15 on three-pointers. If you love beautiful jumpshots I urge you to avoid Washington Wizards broadcasts at all costs.
  • The Lakers really could have used the points from Dwight Howard‘s 11 missed free throws. 

Tweet of the Night:

Tweet of the Night is chosen exclusively by me and thus heavily influenced by my own attention span and editorial bias. 

Video - 

Kevin Garnett once again proving his status as the NBA’s premier gentleman.


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