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Myles Ma is the newest contributor at Hickory-High. He’ll be dropping by regularly with the NBA Stock Report, and whatever else comes to mind. Draw a circle around him on Google +, or follow Myles on Twitter, @LameMyles.

Nothing too Lintersting in the NBA this past week, I don’t think. So let’s turn our attention to the world of finance. Markets have been shaky due to uncertainty about the Greek bailouts.  All the volatility has led to a roughly break-even week for the Dow, which is down 0.8% over the past week.

But seriously, let’s talk hoops.

This week’s NBA Stock Report, in which I rate each team as a ‘buy’ ‘sell’ or ‘hold’, is based on play through Tuesday night.

Record: 8-22 (1-9 in last 10)

While their soon-to-be-neighbors across the Hudson are streaking, the Nets are making their last season in New Jersey one to forget. This team stinks.

They have a league-worst defense and they’ve received indifferent efforts on that end from all their perimeter players, including alleged superstar Deron Williams. In addition, Kris Kardashian and Shelden Williams aren’t mobile enough to defend the pick and roll.

There’s a reason Linsanity started against this team.

Rating: SELL. Where Brooklyn at?

Record: 12-17 (4-6 in last 10)

If he wasn’t already, Andrew Bogut is officialy injury prone. His absence leaves an eclectic group of players to scrap for wins.

Their leader in style and substance is Brandon Jennings, who is steadily fulfilling the promise of his rookie season, improving his efficiency each year while keeping his USG% around 25%. Aside from him, the Bucks are getting good contributions from most of their role players, except for the former Captain, Stephen Jackson.

I’ve never been a big fan, but this season he’s paired career-worst numbers with off-court drama. The Bucks are already short-handed. They don’t need this.

Rating: HOLD. This team is forever average.

Record: 7-22 (4-6 in last 10)

There is talent in the district, but one coach is already gone for not knowing how to harness it. Here’s the big problem: The three highest usage players on the Wizards, John Wall, Nick Young and Jordan Crawford all shoot worse than 43% from the field.

Nick Young at least makes up for it by being efficient from three, but Crawford and Wall seem to have no conscience about the shots they take. Wall is especially disappointing, not only because of his obvious athletic ability, but because his fellow sophomore, Evan Turner, spent the summer fixing his broken jumper.

Hopefully Wall puts in the work this offseason, but as long as he and his teammates keep chucking, the Wizards will keep languishing near the bottom of the league, despite their talent.

Rating: SELL. Randy Wittman gave them a spark, but it will flicker out.

Record: 15-14 (4-6 in last 10)

Portland always has to overcome adversity, suffering key injuries seemingly every year. They should probably fire their training staff, by the way.

LaMarcus Aldridge has become a bonified stud this year, using an effective, if not overly nuanced, post game to put up career-pacing numbers and leading the Trail Blazers to a winning record. Guess what though? He’s hurt!

Rating: SELL. Seriously, is there something in the water in Portland?

Record: 18-11 (7-3 in last 10)

For a while there, it was looking like a pretty weak championship defense. After a rocky start, Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks have rounded into form.

This is an elite defensive team, and with good coaching and a still-dangerous Nowitzki, they will be a difficult matchup for any team for the rest of the season and into the playoffs. Don’t count them out.

Rating: HOLD. Tough slate of games this week.

Here’s how I did last week:
Celtics – Last week’s rating: Hold (14-10), 1-2 since
Pistons – Last week’s rating: Sell (7-20), 1-2 since
Bobcats – Last week’s rating: Hold (3-22), 0-3 since
Nuggets – Last week’s rating: Hold (15-11), 2-1 since
Spurs – Last week’s rating: Buy (18-9), 2-0 since

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