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Anthony Davis

Height: 6’10″
Weight: 220
Position: PF/C
School: University of Kentucky
Draft Profiles:

DraftExpress Profile
ESPN Profile (Insider) Profile

Similarity Scores:


  • Nick

    Love the site. I was redirected here from a Syracuse blog that had linked to your Similarity Score pages for Fab Melo and Kris Joseph, as I am a Syracuse fan/alum. I am also from the town where St. Bonaventure is located and was wondering if you’d be willing to do a similarity score for Andrew Nicholson. ESPN mocks have him going in the late first round and he’d be the first Bonas player drafted in my lifetime, so I suppose it’s considered a pretty big deal around these parts. I’d love to see what kind of players he would be best compared to. I look forward to visiting the site a lot more in the future as I really enjoy the in-depth statistical analysis presented here, which is more than just “LeBron James sucks,” which is what you find in many places online.

    • Ian Levy

      Thanks Nick. I grew up in Rochester and know St. Bonaventure well. Andrew Nicholson is on the list and I’ll definitely be doing similarity scores for him. I’m hoping to have all of them done by the end of next week, but I’ll work on getting Nicholson done for tomorrow or Tuesday. I’m really glad you like what we’ve been doing. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment.

    • Ian Levy

      Nicholson’s scores are up:

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