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Monta Ellis Returning to his Old Sound

US Presswire

US Presswire

My friend Alec walks up to me one day to say “Hey, Cole. Did you hear that Have It All’s new album is actually good?” Knowing how much I loved their old work.

“What? No way.” I reply with the usually air of skepticism that revolves around a statement as such. I mean, the band hasn’t had a good full CD since 2008. They have had occasional songs that reminded me of my former love for them, but nothing substantial that really satisfied my longing for that old sound.

Zack — my other friend — butted in, “trust what he says, Pat. I checked it this morning.”

“Huh. Alright, I guess I have the money to scrounge on a new album…” I still didn’t’t feel good about it, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this.

The rest of the day, I couldn’t get my mind off the album potentially being good. Have It All was my favorite group for a small amount of time, and for good reason. They weren’t the most popular performers in the world, but that is what made them so endearing. Knowing that there were less fans made them have a more personal connection to me. Everyone had every new King James or Black Mamba track in their iPod, but they didn’t pick up Have It All’s stuff until well after their Warrior tour.

That time passed though. Once more peoples were tuned in, they progressively had gotten worse and worse. There were the occasional fans who stuck around listening to the new stuff despite the lower quality and some people who actually believed they were still good, but those people were crazy. There is no way they possibly have made a strong album like this in 2013, not after all the years of maddening mediocrity, could they?

Oh, look. I’m out of class. With nothing else to do, I guess I’ll walk home and download this album. My mind starts racing faster and faster with these thoughts of doubt, I guess I feel the need to guard my heart. Music has a weird power like that over me, I guess. If this goes wrong, I’d be almost be as let down a person I care about breaking my trust with him.

Crap, I almost ran into the door. Mind is wondering with this potential. Where’s my keys, where’s my keys. Ahhh, there they are. Now let’s pull out my computer and check this out.

$12.99 huh? I guess I can pay that but what if it isn’t… I’ve spent my money on dumber things, might as well give this a shot.

Come on… Download faster… I guess I’ll come back to my computer later.

*computer makes a loud ring to signify the download being complete*

Finally! I’m actually really excited for this.

I put my cursor on the first track, but pauses to nervously say “it’s not that big of deal, it is only music right” despite being alone.

Finally clicks.

The first song plays, and the intro feels much longer than thirty seconds. Eventually, the delightful music fills the air around me. The banging of the drums, the powerful riffs of the guitar, the artistically brilliant lyrics. They are all there, this is what Have It All may have sounded like had they actually stuck to their sound. More refined and mature, but that original appeal that made them so engulfing as musicians.

The sound soon becomes much more than simple music, this is an audio carnival that fuels the mind. The imagination wonders, and the blissful glee of innocence is achieved. We, as humans, become more corrupt of the mind as time takes its toll. Experience eventually beats out things like hope. It isn’t sad, just natural progression. Yet for these five sweet minutes that doesn’t matter.

As the song comes to a close, the repeat button becomes more enticing. This is so good, why ruin it? There have been single moments of greatness from Have It All, but they haven’t put it all together in so long. This could be yet another one of those moments. Curiosity wins though, and the first song ends without the button being pressed. The name of the second song comes on the screen, and this could go in so many different directions.

Monta Ellis has played 12 games this season, and has looked incredible. His play brings the 2007-08 memories that were thought to be long gone back to life. With 67 games to go, one wonders if this just an intro or a whole body of work? Either way, NBA fans will be paying attention.

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