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Last Night’s Numbers – 12/29/11

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Welcome back to Last Night’s Numbers. For those of you who are new to LNN and Hickory-High, last season I quickly recapped each game pulling out a few numbers that I thought were especially interesting. The compressed season this year means more games every night and consequently things are going to look slightly different.

Instead of hitting each game, I plan to identify a handful of notable individual performances. I’ve also added the new feature of looking at some extremely successful five-man lineup combinations. The box score numbers all come from Hoopdata’s advanced box scores. The lineup data is from Popcorn Machine’s Game Flows.

This is the format for now, but I’m certainly open to ideas and suggestions. Let me know what you think.


Carl Landry – His huge performance helped the Hornets take a win from the Celtics without Eric Gordon. Landry scored 20 points on just 9 shots for a 79.9 TS%. He was 4 of 4 on shots at the rim and 8 of 8 at the free throw line. Landry also added 11 rebounds, 5 of which came on the offensive glass. He finished the game with a 23.0 ORR.

Nene – His inside scoring was the difference for Denver in their win over Utah. Nene had 25 points on an 82.2 TS%. He created his own chaos, going 8 of 8 on shots at the rim, with just 4 of those shots assisted on. He also added 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals, 2 blocks and just a single turnover in 24 minutes.

Brandon Knight – The rookie shined, albeit in a losing effort, against the Cavs. Knight scored 23 points on just 13 shots for an 85.6 TS%. He had the jump shot working, knocking down 6 of 9 from outside 10ft. including 3 of 5 on three-pointers. Knight also added 6 assists and 2 steals, turning the ball over just twice in 29 minutes.

LeBron JamesDwyane Wade made the game winner against the Bobcats, but LeBron brought the Heat to the goal line. He scored 35 points on a 64.9 TS%, going 11 of 12 from inside of 10ft. The perimeter was not quite as kind to LeBron as he went 2 of 11 from outside of 10ft. He also put up 6 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks.

Manu Ginobili – Helping his team to a 115-90 rout of the Clippers, Ginobili was en fuego from the perimeter. He scored 24 points on a 91.6 TS%, and didn’t take a shot from inside of 16ft. Ginobili was 1 of 2 on long two-pointers, 5 of 8 on three-pointers and 7 of 7 at the free throw line. He also added 3 rebounds, 6 assists and a steal.

Lineups of the Night:

Tony ParkerManu GinobiliRichard JeffersonDeJuan BlairTim Duncan – (San Antonio Spurs) – The Spurs starters blasted the Clippers at the beginning of each half, finishing the game +15 in 13:51.

Monta EllisBrandon RushDorell WrightDominic McGuireDavid Lee – (Golden State Warriors) – When McGuire, Wright and Ellis entered the game with 30 seconds left in the 3rd quarter, the Warriors trailed by 1. Over the next 11:30 they were +17.

Jrue HolidayJodie MeeksAndre IguodalaElton BrandSpencer Hawes – (Philadelphia 76ers) – The 76er starters were +21 in 13:17, including a 19-0 run to start the second half.

Jeff TeagueJoe JohnsonMarvin WilliamsJosh SmithAl Horford – (Atlanta Hawks) – The Hawks got their rout on against the Wizards. This group was +27 in 24:50.

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