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We’re always looking to grow and get better here at Hickory-High. Our robust roster of writers has been stretched thin with outside commitments over the past few weeks, myself included, and you’ll notice that the amount of content here has dwindled. We’re committed to picking things ups again, but to help fill in some of the gaps we’ve hit the waiver wire and brought in some new talent. Here are the newest additions to our growing family:

Daniel Lewis grew up in the mountains of Colorado, watching John Elway win Super Bowls, Joe Sakic win Stanley Cups, Todd Helton win Gold Gloves, and LaPhonso Ellis dunk the ball into his own hoop after a rebound. He is studying communications at Brigham Young University, and covers BYU sports for a local news organization. He can be reached on Twitter by messaging @trueDanLewis.

Ming Wang is a long-time basketball fan currently masquerading as a basketball writer and blogger. By day, he takes great pride in finding ways to productively procrastinate at his office job. In his spare time, Ming unwisely challenges players far above his skill level to games of billiards, often with predictable results. If you are so inclined, you can find more of Ming’s writing on Red94, ESPN Truehoop’s Houston Rockets blog.

Andrew Koo is a third-year undergraduate at the University of Waterloo, studying math and finance, and a native Torontonian. Although this will be his first foray into regular basketball writing, he is an intern with Baseball Prospectus and writes about television for The Imprint and The Two Cents. You can follow Andrew on twitter, @xAndrewKoo.

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