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Harden Week: Gallery Walk

You may have noticed things look a little different around the site this week, as we celebrate James Harden. I’ve been determined to make our Harden-focused content multimodal and Dustin Watson of Darkwing Illustration was nice enough to let me use one of his Harden paintings for my awkward and ineptly constructed banner. Although his work is splendidly striking, Dustin is not the only artist exploring Harden as muse. I was able to connect with a few others who have worked on capturing the bearded spirit on their own unique visual styles:

I can only imagine the challenge of creating stylized images of an individual who’s visual persona is essentially stylization incarnate. These images represent just a sliver of each artist’s portfolio. If you’re interested in finding out more about them, making a purchase, or just perusing some amazing basketball eye-candy you can find each of them at the websites below.

Dustin Watson –

Maddison Bond –

Antonio de Padua Carvalho Neto –

Patrick Truby –

Joey Cienian –

Rachel B. Glaser –

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