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Half-way Home: Previewing The NBA Anti-Awards

Having reached the All-Star break of this chaotic, compressed season it’s time to check in on the favorites for The NBA Anti-Awards. These awards (playfully)  recognize some of the most miserable and discouraging achievements in basketball. Things are far from settled, but here’s how they stand right now.

The Shawn Bradley Award – This award goes to the player 6’10″ or taller who has had the highest percentage of his shot attempts blocked (minimum 300 minutes played).

Everyone’s new favorite Hawk, Ivan Johnson, has a narrow lead at the All-Star break. 18.3% of Johnson’s shots have been sent back in his face. This award seems to favor youthful exuberance as Enes Kanter, Kevin Seraphin, Tristan Thompson and, last year’s champion, Omer Asik all sit within striking distance.

The Shawn Kemp Award – This award goes to the player who has fouled out of the most games. From 1986 up through the present, Shawn Kemp is the NBA’s leader in foul outs with 115, 35 more than his next closest competitor.

Surprisingly, David Lee is the current leader with 4 disqualifications on the season. Lee is hacking up a storm at the defensive end, having committed 94 fouls to just 39 blocks and steals combined. Staying aggressive and staying healthy will be key in the second half, with Tyson Chandler, DeMarcus Cousins and Matt Barnes lurking.

The Jahidi White Award – This award goes to the player with the lowest ratio of Ast/FGA (minimum 300 minutes played). The award is named for White who assisted on just 1.7% of his teammates’ baskets over a 334 game career.

Nikola Pekovic, Jason Smith and JaVale McGee are all tied with a ratio of just 0.05. Pekovic has the advantage of playing with several high usage teammates, meaning he sees the ball only in scoring opportunities. Smith and McGee have the advantage of playing with several incredibly inaccurate teammates, meaning most attempted assists are immediately foiled. This award is just too close to call.

The Darrick Martin Award - This award goes to the player with the lowest FG% and a minimum of 150 attempts. The award is named for Darrick Martin, a career 38.2% shooter who played 514 games over 13 NBA seasons.

Austin Daye has set a torrid pace, shooting just 30.5% from the field. Home/Road, Day Of The Week, Western Conference/Eastern Conference; any which way you split his numbers an epically bad shooting season rises to the surface. They have a lot of ground to make up, but Toney Douglas and Metta World Peace are still in the race.

The Jason Kidd Award – This award goes to the player with the most turnovers in a single game. Jason Kidd has had a Hall of Fame career with many terrific positive statistical contributions. He’s also had 3 career games with more than 12 turnovers.

Kobe Bryant currently tops the leaderboard, with his 10 turnover game against the Suns. Russell Westbrook, Jeremy Lin, Ben Gordon and Monta Ellis all have game of 9 turnovers this season. All that being said, the odds-on-favorite has to be Lin. He’s played just 19 games this season and already has 4 games of 7 or more turnovers.

The Matt Bullard Award – This award goes to the player 6’10″ or taller with the lowest Total Rebound Percentage. (Minimum 300 minutes)

If not for the minute requirement Steve Novak would have already won this award multiple times. Finding a spot in the Knicks rotation make him a legit candidate this year, with a TRB% of just 6.4%. All the usual characters, including Hedo Turkoglu, Danilo Gallinari, Rashard Lewis, Matt Bonner and Austin Daye, are right there as well.

The Kobe Bryant Award – This award goes to the player who has missed the most shot attempts in a single game. The award is inspired by Kobe’s performance in Game 7 of the Finals last season.

This award is named after Kobe for a reason and, like the past few seasons, its his to lose. His 22 misses against the Nuggets would lock up the award if the season ended today, but he’s going to have to keep shooting and missing to hold off Carmelo Anthony and Monta Ellis.

The Nick Anderson Award - This award goes to the player who missed the most free throws in a single game. Anderson was actually a decent free throw shooter. But his four missed free throw attempts in the 1995 Finals against Houston kind of stand out in my memory.

It’s almost impossible to imagine anyone challenging Dwight Howard and his 18 missed free throws against the Warriors. Just to be safe I’ll hold off on sending it out until he has a more permanent address.

The Chris Childs Award – This award goes to the player who has posted the highest Turnover Percentage so far this season. It’s named after former New York Knick Chris Childs, who retired with a career Turnover Percentage of 22.8%. (Minimum 300 minutes)

Kendrick Perkins is the leader at this point, turning the ball over on 33.7% of his possessions. Last year’s winner Chris Duhon is still in the hunt, as are Jason Kidd, Earl Watson and Ronnie Price. There’s also been a strong showing from the rookie class with Jan Vesely, Bismack Biyombo, Jeremy Lin and Ricky Rubio all in the top 20.

The Andrea Bargnani Award (Formerly the Darius Songaila Award)– This award goes to the player who has provided his team with the least overall production. I use Wins Produced to determine the winner here. (Minimum 300 minutes)

At the end of last season this award was renamed, after Andrea Bargnani finished his second consecutive season as the wire-to-wire leader. Bargnani is due some serious recognition for actually moving his production into the positive range. That leaves a giant mess at the bottom with Austin Daye, Corey Maggette, Sebastian Telfair, Toney Douglas and Shawne Williams all doing way more harm than good. Each has brought their own unique negative contributions, but Daye really seems to be working on something special this season. At this point, the smart money is on him.

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