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Over the past few weeks you may have noticed that the stream of content has slowed to a trickle here at Hickory-High. Trust us, we’ve noticed as well.

One of the reasons our content has been winding down is that a large collaborative writing project has been absorbing more and more of our time behind the scenes. With the season wrapped up we’re in the final stages of writing, editing and formatting this project, hoping to have it in your eager, digital hands by the end of this week. We’re very excited to share this project with you and very proud of the work that has gone into it.

The other reason our content has wound down is a little more bittersweet — by the end of this month Hickory-High will be shutting its digital doors, permanently. I’m not at liberty to discuss the specifics at this point, but an enormous and exciting opportunity has been presented to our staff, one too good to pass up. Unfortunately, seizing this opportunity means leaving Hickory-High behind. We will have just two more posts up at the site. One, releasing the project I announced above, and the second explaining in full the details of why were shutting down.

Those posts will be about moving forward, but today is for looking back. For the past four years Hickory-High has consumed nearly all of my waking free time and a considerable amount of my sleeping dream time. I had literally no aspirations when it began, beyond an outlet for my basketball thoughts. It has grown beyond the bounds of my wildest imaginings. I hope that throughout we have stayed true to my basic intentions — experimentation, creativity, curiosity and above all else inclusiveness. Of all its successes, the biggest is the community Hickory-High has become, that is the result that has been most gratifying.

The site has come this far with considerable work on my part, but it would still just be me yelling down a well if not for the hard work and generosity of many other talented individuals. Thank you to Myles Ma, Kyle Soppe, Matt Cianfrone, Kris Fenrich, Andrew Koo, Andrew Johnson, Andy Liu, Bobby Karalla, Cameron Purn, Cole Patty, Daniel Lewis, David Vertsberger, Jordan Kahn, Jacob Frankel, Jeremy Conlin, Kevin Ferrigan, Michael Shagrin, Miles Wray, Patrick Redford, Rich Kraetsch, Seth Partnow, Ben Dowsett, Zach Bennett and all the wonderful guest contributors whose words have graced the site.

Thank you to Tom Lewis, Rob Mahoney, Matt Moore, Amin Vafa, Jared Dubin, Henry Abbott, Kevin Arnovitz, Zach Lowe, Dan Devine, Eric Freeman, Kelly Dwyer, Dean Watkins, Adi Joseph and all those who extended an opportunity to me and helped raise the profile of the site. Thank you to everyone who has shared our articles, left comments or told a friend about the fun we were having here. And most of all, thanks for reading.

While this site and this particular configuration are being dissolved, all the pieces will remain. Our content will be archived so that it should exist in perpetuity. Our writers will be moving on to new homes and their voices will still be heard loud and clear. I will still be on the Internet at many of your favorite outlets, prattling on. And of course, stay tuned for our big project coming later this week and the announcement about our future, soon to follow that.

When I started Hickory-High I wasn’t entirely sure what it was. Four years and more than 1,000 posts later I’m still not really sure what it is. But I know I’m so thankful for all the contributions big and small that have helped make Hickory-High what it is.

Thank you.

  • Cameron Adamczyk

    Another site to Fansided??? But really, loved reading the content here, you all do a great job. I hope big things will come for HH.

  • brgulker

    Good luck with the next opportunity.

  • DDayLewis

    Thanks for all your hard work Ian. Looking forward to checking out your new digs.

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