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Fandio Broadcast: A Live Hickory-High Audio Experiment

Earlier this week I was approached by Eric Wertenberger, one of the guys behind Fandio, a really cool new start-up. The site is a platform for fans, bloggers, anyone, to broadcast commentary during live sporting events. Tonight the Hickory-High crew is going to be experimenting with this new system and broadcasting live during the Clippers-Warriors game (10:30 PM EST). Jeremy Conlin is going to be running the show but some of your other favorite writers from the site will be stopping by to talk about the game and wherever the conversation meanders.

Although we probably won’t get started until 10:30, you can begin accessing the broadcast at 10:15 using this link. Eventually we’ll be able to bring listeners onto the broadcast for questions and comments, but for tonight we’re going to just get our feet wet with our own team. So if you happen to be watching the game tonight and would like to hear a different brand of analysis, check it out.

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