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Expected Points, Odds and Ends

- A few weeks ago I rolled out a new metric I have been working on called Expected Points Per Shot. The idea was to create an easy way of evaluating players on the quality of their shot selection. With help from a few friends, I’ve set up some shortcuts for myself so I can regularly update these numbers through the season. In the top right-hand corner of the Hickory-High homepage you’ll now find a tab for “Statistics and Visualizations.” The first entry there is the new, rebuilt visualization for Expected Points Per Shot along with, what I hope is, a thorough explanation of the method and rationale.

It’s worth noting that the shot location data I used for this new visualization comes from a different source than my original post. That means some of the values have changed slightly, along with the changes that have occurred to each player’s numbers over time. I also have should have team numbers coming later this week, so stay tuned!

- Hickory-High’s own Matt Cianfrone has taken the leap and become a contributor for the TrueHoop Network’s Denver Nuggets blog, Roundball Mining Company. Matt’s first post went up there this morning, recapping last night’s game against the Lakers. He is planning on continuing occasional contributions here, but don’t be shy about following him on Twitter and supporting him in his new Nuggets endeavor.

- Last week I had the opportunity to appear as a guest on the NBA Lockdown podcast. is the digital home of Sam Millner a basketball fan and stat-head from the U.K. Sam and spent some time talking about my expected points per shot work, as well as shot selection in general. Check out the episode here and don’t forget to follow Sam on twitter - @nba_lockdown

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