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Daily Dribble – November 29th, 2012

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Editing Transparently: Last Night’s Numbers is no more and we’re still searching for a daily format that works here at Hickory-High. Matt Cianfrone is trying out this new (sometimes) Daily Dribble thoughts/storify set-up. Let us know what you think, what works and what doesn’t. What would you like to see added?  Now, back to Matt:

Spurs 100- Heat 105:

  • Obviously I am disappointed Gregg Popovich decided to send his stars, and Danny Green, home but in the end I understand it. Its been a long road trip and the Heat were well rested, the game had all the ingredients to be a noncompetitive one. If Pop is going to poke at the league that is his decision. I am not going to get that worked up over it.
  • The shot that turned out to be the eventual game winner was another example of the problems everyone expected the Heat to cause when they signed Ray Allen, even if it came off an ugly broken play. It should be interesting to see how teams adjust, I think we may see more help off of Dwyane Wade soon forcing him to make jumpers. After all it is less likely to go in than Allen or Chris Bosh jumpers and LeBron layups.
  • The Heat seem to be coasting through the regular season right now, even as they figure out rotations and things as they fit Allen and Rashard Lewis in. The fact that they are now 9-0 in games decided by 5 points should worry the rest of the league. If the Heat are winning games they aren’t playing all they well in (this game, the Cavs game) then what happens when they turn it on and have it all figured out?

Nuggets 105 – Warriors 106 :

  • I could watch Andre Miller throw alley-oops all day. He just does it so perfectly.
  • Andre Iguodala seems generally angry with his teammates. Even up 15 plus he gave his teammates some nasty looks when they mishandled a pass or something. It was a bit weird.
  • Kenneth Faried is the most energy filled energy player I can remember. Everything goes 100 plus miles an hour with him and it looks faster than any other energy guys’ 100 miles per hour.
  • Faried also has to now be in the discussion of the best in the league at the chase down block. Although unlike LeBron James, Faried doesn’t bait his opponents into the block but instead just comes flying out of no where most of the time.
  • Jordan Hamilton needs more of Corey Brewer’s minutes. The shooting Hamilton brings just opens everything up so much more for Denver. Late in the game David Lee was able to be stuck on Brewer and it didn’t matter because Brewer can’t do anything offensively as long as Lee played off him and prevented getting beat off the dribble.
  • David Lee was fantastic offensively in this one. Just unguardable for the most part, though defending stretch 4s has been a problem for Denver all year.
  • Boy what an ugly ending. First Golden State botches the foul up 3 and Iggy gets to shoot and misses the third shot. Then the awful pass from Miller, that I still can’t figure out what he was thinking. And finally the last play that stood no chance of being able to get a shot off in time. Just bizarre. And ugly. But the game up until then was a ton of fun.

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