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Daily Dribble – November 28th, 2012

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Editing Transparently: Last Night’s Numbers is no more and we’re still searching for a daily format that works here at Hickory-High. Matt Cianfrone is trying out this new (sometimes) Daily Dribble thoughts/storify set-up. Let us know what you think, what works and what doesn’t. What would you like to see added?  Now, back to Matt:

What an ugly night of basketball for the most part, including by my Bucks who got their doors blown off by the Knicks. Some of my thoughts from that game, and couple others that I caught a bit of.

Knicks 102- Bucks 88:

  • I made a comment early in the second half on Twitter that the Bucks weren’t rebounding. I was corrected shortly after, that the totals were basically even but it sure didn’t seem that way. The Knicks grabbed a couple of big offensive rebounds in the run they put together towards the end of the first half, and early in the second half, that helped put the game away.
  • Steve Novak is back. Novak went 5-7 on threes last night and many of them were perfect swishes. He has struggled a bit lately but the Bucks didn’t play him as tight as they should have on the perimeter and Novak took advantage.
  • Pablo Prigioni was great in his 28 minutes. The oldest rookie ever hit a couple threes, found the open man plenty (he had 7 assists) and caught the Bucks sleeping on a steal late in the first half.
  • The Bucks really missed Luc Richard Mbah A Moute in this one. They had no answer for Melo, and they tried plenty of guys. Ekpe Udoh, Marquis Daniels, Tobias Harris and even Larry Sanders got a possession. None of them had an answer. Melo was 9-18, got to the line 9 times and scored 29 points in 30 minutes.
  • No more Marquis Daniels 3s or lineups with Brandon Jennings, Monta Ellis and Doron Lamb please Scott Skiles.

Bobcats 94- Hawks 91:

  • The shot Ben Gordon hit to bring the Bobcats within one with like 30 seconds left was ridiculous. A classic “No,No,No, Yes” shot.
  • The Hawks seemed flustered on the possession after Gordon hit the 3 as they just passed the ball around the perimeter against the Bobcats zone. It ended up with a clean look for Louis Williams but I feel like they could have gotten a better shot by getting the ball to Al Horford or Josh Smith at the foul line.

Nets 95- Celtics 83:

  • I only saw the fight and its highlights but a couple thoughts.
  • What a punk move by Rondo. He overreacted to the foul on KG and instead of the standard jaw-jacking that the league normally is he decided to escalate it into what it became.
  • Humphries pulling Rondo’s jersey over his head was my favorite part of the fight. The ultimate bigger older brother move.
  • The fact KG didn’t try to fight C.J. Watson, Keith Bogans, or Tyshawn Taylor was the second biggest upset of the fight. He went toe to toe with Gerald Wallace including a head slap. Very unexpected.
  • The fact that Reggie Evans wasn’t involved in the fight was the biggest upset. Good for him.

Timberwolves 95 – Clippers 101:

  • DeAndre Jordan just took this game over late and it was amazing to watch. His rotations on defense were right, he grabbed a key offensive rebound and the dagger dunk that he had after causing a turnover and running the floor was why he was once projected as a lottery pick. He needs to play more minutes, free throw troubles be damned.
  • Kevin Love is clearly not 100 percent yet but there have been some good signs. Love got to the line a bunch in this game (16 times) and pulled down double digit rebounds. But he struggled shooting the ball from the floor and some of his long jumpers were short, a product of just not having his legs back yet.
  • The Wolves really, really miss Chase Budinger. Budinger was their only real consistent three point shooter while Love was out and now that he is back the Wolves are still stuck with only one. When Ricky Rubio comes back things may get a little better but not having multiple consistent three point threats will probably hurt them all year.
  • The best part of Chauncey Billups being back is no more Willie Green. Not that Willie is terrible, he is close though, but him taking minutes from Eric Bledsoe just annoyed me. I will be able to stand it more with Billups.
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  • The Instructor

    This format is better than ‘Last nights numbers’..just for the twitter commentary blurps. lol

    • Ian Levy

      Thanks for the feedback, glad you like the Storifys!

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