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Daily Dribble – November 26th, 2012

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Editing Transparently: Last Night’s Numbers is no more and we’re still searching for a daily format that works here at Hickory-High. Matt Cianfrone is trying out this new (sometimes) Daily Dribble thoughts/storify set-up. Let us know what you think, what works and what doesn’t. What would you like to see added?  Now, back to Matt:

Thoughts from the games I watched at least part of last night:

Nets 96 – Knicks 89 (OT):

  • Boy was the Knicks late game offense ugly. Way to much Raymond Felton, way to little ball movement and not enough baskets to win.
  • Jerry Stackhouse being so valuable makes no sense to me until I remember his stint with the Bucks a few years ago where he was more valuable than he had any business being.

Bucks 93 – Bulls 92:

  • Scott Skiles has a tendency to stick with lineups that get the Bucks back into games and last night it almost backfired. By the end the guys on the floor were gassed and it clearly affected them. Beno Udrih uncharacteristically missed two free throws, but the team buckled down and got the win.
  • Thankfully the Bulls were just as tired as the Bucks and their lineup played the entire fourth quarter as well. It probably saved the Bucks though, not getting the ball to Carlos Boozer on the offensive end helped as well.
  • It will be interesting to see how Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis bounce back from the 4th quarter benching. Samuel Dalembert, Tobias Harris and John Henson shouldn’t be a problem because of where they are in their careers but Ellis and Jennings are the stars and they didn’t see the floor at the end of the game. Both are strong personalities and it is something to keep an eye on.

Jazz 105 – Nuggets 103:

  • Al Jefferson in the post is incredible. He went through stretches of this game being completely unguardable.
  • The Nuggets won’t be at their best until Ty Lawson gets his confidence back. In a telling moment late in the fourth quarter (I think about four minutes left) Lawson had three looks at an open three as Jamaal Tinsley played way off him and Lawson refused to shoot. He eventually took a contested 26 footer with ten seconds on the clock. He needs to snap out of this funk soon and start confidently shooting the three.
  • An Andre Miller three down one with under 10 seconds left isn’t exactly the shot the Nuggets wanted. I wonder why Miller chose to spot up there instead of somewhere more in his range. There wasn’t anyone near him anyway.
  • Lawson’s decision making on the last play was horrific. You have to at least get something headed towards the rim. But Lawson seemed to lose track of time and got caught when the double came.
  • The officiating in the game was horrific. Unless Iggy threatened Al Jefferson I can’t figure out why he got tossed and there were some terrible calls throughout the fourth quarter. It went both ways but still it wasn’t good.

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